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You Can Call Me Levi

The next morning, Briggs jogs into the spotless kitchen, then wakes Mike by tossing a wetsuit on top of him. Today the boys will be surfing. Oh man. Blond Marius is going to drown. As the boys sit on their boards, Briggs gives Mike a few instructions while Johnny proclaims catching a wave to be better than sex, and then Mike just gets bashed around the waves and by his board. This would be better if everyone was shirtless, that's all I'm saying. (I will be saying that often. You've been duly warned.)

When Mike hauls himself out of the water and flops down under the pier, his bad luck compounds when a stray dog steals one of his brand-new ridiculous bright-red flip-flops. Charlie sits down next to him and Mike tells her Briggs isn't what he was expecting, based on his all-star reputation at the bureau -- multiple awards before age thirty, those off-the-charts test scores. Charlie replies that Briggs used to be more straitlaced, but something happend and now he's the Zen milk stealer. And he's the only one in the house who manages to hold onto his secrets, she exposits. Everyone else just sexily tells everyone their business, is the implication. Mike goes back to try his luck with another wave.

When the boys are back inside, Lauren tells Briggs he got a message from a Felix Arroyo, who wants to buy some drugs. She insists that Felix works for the Russian who shot Donnie and wants to pursue it. Briggs says Felix is just a small-time dealer, but he relents and assigns Mike to help her.

Briggs calls Felix, who is watering some plants very indifferently. In the phone room, Johnny fills Mike in on Felix's connection to the Russians -- his wife is Russian, so he works for them. Felix asks for the cocaine he wants, and in the phone room, Briggs and Lauren make faces at each other until Briggs agrees.

Briggs, Johnny and Mike drive to the meet with Felix, with Mike wanting a cover identity and fretting about how he'll handle the sale. He's taking notes. Briggs flings his pad out of the car, telling Mike he can't have a cheat sheet during a fake drug deal. Johnny tells Briggs to put Mike "in the movie" -- Briggs explains that he got an FBI award while he was undercover with a particularly vicious cartel, and CNN decided to do a story on him and plastered his face all over TV. In a flashback to the deal, the guy Briggs is selling the cocaine recognizes him, so Briggs tells the men he's an actor and he sometimes plays a cop in the movies, and they recognized him from a movie in which he plays a cop who goes undercover as a male hooker named Shasta. I would watch that.

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