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You Can Call Me Levi

Briggs keeps rambling bullshit, with Johnny agreeing happily to prevent the cartel members, who are pointing large automatic weapons at their throats, from killing them both, and then Briggs pulls out his badge, telling them it's a prop from the movie. And they buy it, everyone laughing about how fake the badge looks. Back in the present, Johnny laughs that one of the guys they busted has an autographed picture of Briggs in his cell. Mike can't believe the cartel members still went through with the buy, and now he wants to be in the male hooker movie too. Briggs tells Mike he can be Shasta's brother-in-law, who's married to a prostitute named Low Rider.

Briggs hands Mike a necklace that will record everything that goes on during the buy. They haven't used wires since The Wire, he snarks. Agent Kohn shows up and asks Briggs what the hell they're doing. Briggs shamelessly spills that this was Lauren's brilliant idea, and then Kohn introduces himself to Mike as Gerry Silvo and reveals that he's humorless and the least interesting person in the room as he flatly says Felix probably won't start shooting, since he has a family and all. Silvo asks Mike if he's nervous, and Mike says he is. Which is good, Silvo replies. I still haven't forgiven him for scaring Tara, all right?

Mike goes to the buy. Felix's son answers the door, and then Felix pops up and hospitably offers Mike lemonade, courtesy of his wife, Irina. It's all very domestic and adorable and you can tell that even with the shine of the academy still on him, Mike doesn't want to fuck up this cute happy family. Felix asks how Mike knows Briggs, and Mike nervously starts talking way too much about how he's Briggs's brother-in-law in the movie. On the other end of the line, this is hugely entertaining to Johnny. But Felix and Irina buy the story and ask if Mike also plays a cop. "Manos arriba," Mike says, just as the lady on the plane taught him. They love it, and Mike and Felix step outside to do their deal.

Felix doesn't have the money to pay for the cocaine Mike's hauling because another guy didn't show up to claim his stuff and pay him, he says. Listening, Briggs is convinced they're wasting their time, but Mike asks what the other guy was buying because he might be interested in the other guy's merchandise in return for the cocaine. Felix sends Mike to check out the stuff in the alley. Silvo asks Briggs if he told Mike not to change locations (never go to a second location with a hippie!), and that's one thing Briggs neglected to mention while spinning the grand story of Shasta and Low Rider. Briggs sends Johnny sprinting off to cover the alley.

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