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You Can Call Me Levi

Felix shows Mike a truck full of 12,000 pairs of stolen blue jeans. Mike's not impressed, and correctly guesses that Irina is pressuring Felix to unload the truck. And then Johnny comes tearing up the alley, accompanied by cop cars with their blue and reds flashing, screaming, "Federal bureau!" and panting like he's about to drop dead. Felix and Mike put their hands up and Johnny muscles Mike away into a squad car.

But at the police station, the uniforms who arrested Felix bring him through the main corridor, blowing Mike's cover. Silvo yells at them, and I'm sure this will resurface. Briggs gives Mike a grudging "good job, rookie" slap on the shoulder.

Mike's on the beach when the stray dog brings back his flip-flop. They make friends as the sun slips below the Pacific.

At the police station, a fellow named Sergei comes in to bail Felix out. Uh-oh. Felix tells the cop that Sergei isn't his lawyer, and pleads with him not to let Sergei bail him out. The cop ignores him.

At Graceland, Briggs is studying Mike's jacket, specifically the part about how he initially requested to be assigned to DC (and someone graduating at the top of his class would probably get his first choice, so his posting to Graceland is a bit odd). Downstairs, Charlie has decided that Mike's nickname is now Levi. Johnny reveals that Johnny is actually his nickname -- it's the name of his character in the movie. Charlie starts telling a story about when Johnny was undercover with a biker gang and how he got his nickname -- he told the bikers that he killed a man for reading his porno mags on the john.

Back at the police station, Felix nervously tries to make small talk with Sergei, who tells him that Irina and their son will be staying with the Russians until Felix gets out of jail -- and as l'affaire Levi's is his third strike, that could be quite a long time -- to ensure Felix doesn't talk to the feds. Felix pleads that he'll do anything, and Sergei wants to know who Mike is. Felix lies that he's his brother-in-law. It pleases Sergei that he's family.

Jakes comes downstairs and is delighted to learn Mike's new nickname. Apparently he's decided he likes him. And then Silvo breaks up the party, shutting off the music and telling them the truck of jeans was stolen from the port, so it's a customs problem, not the FBI's. This just thrills Jakes all the way to the ends of his dreads.

Silvo fills them in on Felix's situation, and says that luckily Felix has a white brother-in-law, so Mike's going to assume Frankie Bout's identity for a little while. Mike's all, I'ma what now? Turns out Sergei also wants to bail Mike out to make sure Felix won't talk, and they're going to ask him to kill someone so they have leverage over him. Briggs smoothly explains how Mike can accomplish this (he'll just agree to carry out the murder, then have Briggs put together a fake story, leak it to the press, file a fake police report, etc.), then says Mike doesn't have to do all this. But he's met Irina and the kid, so he's in.

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