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You Can Call Me Levi

Briggs fills Mike in on Frankie's background and then later quizzes him on the details of Frankie's life. Turns out Frankie is also a junkie, so Charlie steps in to give Mike a makeup job -- circles under his eyes, track marks on his wrist, a distinctive scar over his eye. Johnny shows up with shoes and a wallet for Mike, then Briggs hands over his transmitter watch. Mike looks like he's about to hurl in Charlie's lap while she paints on his scar, but she assures him sexily that he can do it. To save Felix's family, of course. And also because Charlie might bang him later, it's implied.

Police station. Sergei gets "Frankie" out and a goon sweeps him for bugs out by the car. In the room where Briggs and the others are monitoring, Lauren tells Silvo she wants in on this. He quite sensibly says she's emotionally compromised and just wants revenge, but since Lauren isn't half Vulcan, this just makes her angry. Silvo tells her to leave, then relents and invites her to listen to the rookie work.

Sergei brings Mike to an auto repair shop. Mike manages to drop a clue to the FBI to let them know where he is, and then is brought to an office full of threatening leather-jacketed Russians. The Russians decide they have no use for Mike, saying they'll just keep Irina and the boy as hostages, but he brags that he can do whatever they want him to do -- do they want him to kill someone, 'cause he can totally do that! He killed someone in Canada once! The Russian tells him he has sources in law enforcement who will know if he's lying, so Mike starts telling the how-Johnny-got-his-nickname story, except with himself in the lead role. This delights Briggs to no end, but makes Silvo tear at his hair in humorless fury.

Briggs sets the tech guys to putting together an unsolved homicide report for the story Mike is telling. The other Russians are tickled pink by Mike's coldblooded bravado, but Sergei coolly calls to check on the story. There's a hiccup when the tech guys encounter the National Crime Information Center server's firewall, but they get the report there just in time. Sergei confirms Mike is telling the truth. (Well, "the truth.") The Russian agrees to let Irina and the kid go if Mike does a job for them, and it looks like they're going to want to go witness it, rather than letting him go alone and let Briggs put together a cover story. Could've called that.

The Russians pull up at a house and hand Mike a key, telling him to kill the man in the back bedroom. They hand him a gun. As he walks toward the house, he tells Briggs and the others the address in a tone of voice that doesn't nearly cover his panic. Briggs hops on his motorcycle and heads out to help, after discussing with Silvo that Felix's family will certainly get killed if they send in lights and sirens.

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