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You Can Call Me Levi

Mike enters the house and moves quietly through it. Silvo asks his people to tell him who owns the house, and they belatedly discover it's a federal safe house. The man in the back bedroom is Donnie, of course. Mike wakes him up and Lauren immediately recognizes Donnie's voice. Silvo tells his people to wake everyone in LA up and tells Lauren to call Donnie. The phone rings as Donnie tells Mike to put down the gun; Mike grabs for the phone and Donnie shoots the lamp next to it.

Mike tells Donnie who he is as they both point their guns at each other. Donnie doesn't really believe him, but Mike figures out who he is after Donnie says the Russians aren't going to finish him off, then shows him the spare key and tells him how Lauren warned him not to unpack. Donnie relents, they put their guns down, and Donnie calls out to the folks listening in. They all think it's adorable and hilarious that Donnie almost shot Mike. Mike empties his gun into the floor, then leaves.

Mike tells the Russians Donnie's dead, and they tell him to get in the car. Mike resists, and just as the Russians are about to shoot him, Briggs takes the driver out. He expositions that he bets the Russians were planning to kill Mike and make it look like a suicide and use the gun Mike used to "kill" Donnie as evidence to hold over Felix's head. When the other Russian, watching from the back seat, won't put his hands up, Briggs shoots him, too. He opens the man's door and a gun falls out. Briggs switches off Mike's transmitter and Mike asks if he knew about the gun. Briggs is all, yep, look at it, a gun right there! Mike switches his transmitter back on and tells the others that Briggs saved his life, so where's that ambulance for the two perforated Russians?

The next morning, the Graceland roommates watch a news report about a raid on the Vzakonye Cartel headquarters. Briggs congratulates everyone, and Charlie tells Mike not to get cocky, since most days probably won't be as exciting (or successful) as his first one. At the police station, Felix is reunited with his freed family. Brooke Smith, playing an internal affairs investigator, interviews Briggs and Mike about the shooting, then decides it sounds clean. I do not think it's possible for Daniel Sunjata to look hotter than he does in those aviators.

On the beach, the roommates toast around a fire and drink tequila shots. Johnny and Charlie dance while Briggs tells Mike he did well and fills him in on more about what being undercover means: he has to lie to basically everyone from now on. Mike asks how Briggs keeps from going crazy with all those lies, and Briggs asks, "Who says I haven't?"

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