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Sara Brady: B+ | 13 USERS: A
You Can Call Me Levi

Mike's phone rings and he goes off into the dark to talk to Courtney, who's heard about the incident, and to tell Mike that his assignment is actually to investigate Briggs. He asks if Briggs saving Mike's life will prevent him from doing that, and Mike assures him it won't. And then Courtney underlines Mike's defining ambition: to be the deputy director of the FBI. Ah, so that's why he was so suddenly reassigned. Briggs comes over and asks Mike if he knows why he was sent to California, and Mike gets the show's theme of nonstop lies started by telling him that he doesn't.

Coming this season: more of Briggs's extensive collection of sunglasses. Mike gets laid and the roommates drink shots. Plenty of shots. And someone messes up Mike's hair, making him look like a giant Labrador puppy.

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