Happy Endings

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Charlie and Cortez meet for a drink. She just whines and whines about the Odin case and how Whistler got killed. Cortez asks about this dirty FBI agent she alluded to, and also if her agency knows she's working with him. Charlie says if the bureau knew, she'd be deported to Mexico. I guess that's where we send Italian Americans from Brooklyn now? She refuses to give Cortez Briggs's name, but flirts enthusiastically with him over the rim of her glass. He offers to show her what he has on Jangles. I bet he doesn't mean that bag of knives.

Briggs and Jakes cruise, looking for the Crown Vic. Frustrated, Briggs explodes and pounds on the dashboard, so Jakes pulls over and is all, the fuck is going on, man? Briggs ignores him and rambles about going undercover to talk to the Mongrels and try to get the car back.

Jakes demands to know what's in the car, and Briggs admits there's a recording of him killing an FBI agent. He explains the struggle and how he thought it was Jangles and then Jakes boots Briggs out of the car and gets himself on the first flight to Bora Bora, because who has time for this shit? No, actually he just digs himself in deeper. I'm sure next week's season finale will include everyone getting kicked out of the FBI for being dumb as a box of hair.

Charlie and Cortez stroll to his hotel. She's drunk and he is totally going to fillet her. Just as he's opening the door, Charlie's phone rings. Cortez freezes. It's Johnny. Charlie wants to call him back, but he spills what he's learned: a CI of his ran into Quinn, the dealer who helped Whistler OD. She thanks him and promises to pay for half of the bounce house. Charlie hangs up and, jazzed by her lead, takes a rain check on looking at Cortez's "info."

Paige has herself all tarted up like one of Melissa McCarthy's brothers' girlfriends in The Heat, complete with crispy perm and a fake baby belly. Mike's hesitant about doing this to a nice churchgoing lady like Clayton's mom (except for the fact that her son is a car-stealing gang member?) but Paige just strolls right in there and tells Nancy that her boy got her up the stick. Clayton's mom is all, go jump off a pier, you skank, because I raised a kid on my own and so can you. Paige protests that she doesn't want money, she just wants to talk to Clayton, and threatens to go into the church and make a scene. Nancy relents.

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