Happy Endings

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Parrot Sketch Not Included

Briggs has come to the conclusion all on his own that he should talk to Clayton, and isn't that convenient? He directs Briggs to a doughnut store Clayton works out of and goes in to talk, bringing one of the contraband parrots with him. Seriously, free Jakes.

Inside, Briggs sets the parrot down on the counter. Clayton comes out of the back; Briggs tells him the bird is a gift for Nancy. Briggs says he's looking for work and Clayton offers him something next week. Briggs pushes for something now, because he says he lost his girl (Lisa) and thinks he can get her back if he has quick cash. Clayton says he has a job he can help with, sure.

Paige peels off her fake belly and she and Mike discuss how often she's used it before (three times professionally, once to break up with a dude). Mike is horrified by this, because apparently a fake pregnancy is one moral bridge farther than helping a drug dealer dump a bunch of impure heroin on the streets of L.A.? Mike pulls up to the doughnut shop and sees Jakes's truck. He just strolls right up and knocks on the driver's side window. Jakes tells him Briggs is inside, and admits it's not really about the parrot case. Just then, Jakes's phone beeps with a text from Briggs. But it's Mike who shows up inside the shop.

(Sidebar: I would much rather be recapping the Chris Hemsworth Is a Sexy Race Car Driver movie right now, you guys. I bet Ron Howard knows the appropriate amount of shirtless beefcake).

Clayton isn't impressed with Mike's seeming toughness, but Briggs vouches for him. Clayton explains that the job is a standard smash-and-grab, and we've seen how well that worked out for Mr. Orange and Mr. Blue. He tells them to meet him the next day at noon.

Mike and Briggs walk out with a bag of doughnuts and Briggs snaps at Mike for almost blowing his cover. Mike's almost laughing when he says Briggs lied to him. Everybody lied to everybody! Mike says he'll believe what's on Juan's tape: tomorrow when Clayton picks them up in the Crown Vic they'll get the tape and know who's telling the truth.

At Graceland, after Johnny rambles pointlessly about the bounce house some more, Charlie tells Johnny she's going after Quinn again. Johnny proposes that she go back undercover as Katie the junkie, and Charlie says she'll go in without Briggs this time, since he almost punched Quinn out last time. Her death wish is getting rather obvious at this point. When Johnny protests about her going in alone, she says she has a new partner in mind. Oh goody, so Cortez gets to kill her and Quinn.

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