Happy Endings

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Briggs points the shotgun at Mike and tells him to let him go. Mike says if Briggs is innocent, Mike can prove it, then runs out and gets into the red car, telling the others that one of the johns punched Briggs out. Clayton drives away.

Jakes and Paige are watching and listening, and Jakes runs into the massage parlor. He unlocks Briggs's handcuffs and suggests they follow Mike's wire to the Crown Vic. Briggs is resigned, though; he knows they can't beat Mike to the recording. So he's going to run. I suppose there's still time for him to become a respected New York fashion designer.

Quinn's place. Charlie and Cortez walk in, both looking ridiculous in junkie drag. Quinn is watching the weather, still in his burgundy tracksuit. Man, that thing must reek. She introduces Cortez as Rafael and says her thing with Eric (Briggs) is over, because partnerships break up all the time—like his partnership with Odin. She says Rafael can help them get back the millions Odin took from Bello. Using Jangles as the bait. Quinn's skeptical and tells Cortez to take a hike, because Quinn doesn't want to talk business in front of a stranger. Charlie says it's okay for "Rafael" to leave her alone with Quinn, because flinging herself into traffic is just too messy.

Quinn doesn't want to talk. He wants to nail Charlie. Instead, she socks him in the face. They fight and she throws him through a glass coffee table. Johnny listens, intrigued and then scared, as Charlie pummels Quinn in the face, flashing back to how Whistler died and Quinn made her shoot up. After she's reduced Quinn's face to a runny jelly, she tells Johnny she's all right, and he's all, that is not my primary concern right now. So…Cortez couldn't hear any of this?

Clayton pulls up to the switch-out car. He, Mike, and the other guy get out, and Mike pulls a gun on them. He tells them he's a fed and orders them to get on the ground. Paige roars up in her black SUV full of team members, but without Jakes.

Briggs comes home to Graceland, finding it empty. He eyes a statue of the Buddha, then nudges it aside and pulls a large wooden panel off the wall. He punches a hole in the drywall and hauls out his bug-out bag, filled with cash and an extra passport.

Mike goes to the Crown Vic, pries the glove box open and doesn't find the recorder. Paige asks where it is, and Mike says the better question is "Where the hell is Briggs?" Yeah, I doubt that'll become another "Who Shot JR?"

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