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I Don't Know What I Know

Bello agrees with me. He laughs at Charlie and says unless she's willing to turn him loose, she can go piss into the wind. He knows she wants Odin Rossi and she has to go through Bello to get to him. Or, you know, she can just go down the hall and talk to her roommate, the murderous drug kingpin!

Desert. Briggs buries Juan in a shallow grave, but before he does, he flips through the pile of keys on his belt. One of them is labeled "Apt. #3."

Graceland. Mike, looking significantly worse for wear, shambles home. He hears Charlie and Johnny before they see him; they're discussing a party they're throwing for Jakes. It seems Jakes hates parties, so Charlie reminds Johnny that he'll do anything to thwart the plans, including searching Johnny's room for evidence. They greet Mike and Charlie hugs him gently. It would appear that Paige hasn't told the others that Mike is a rat. She comes downstairs and is surprised to see him. He says he checked himself out of the hospital, and she covers her anger by telling Mike he should be in bed and excusing herself abruptly. Rather than go help Johnny round up "a whole gaggle of strippers," Mike does as Paige suggests and goes to find a soft, flat surface to sprawl on.

Briggs sits on his surfboard in the middle of the ocean, meditating as one can only after committing accidental homicide.

Kitchen. Johnny's newest idea: in addition to the strippers, he's going to rent a bounce house. Charlie loves it. Jakes comes in and immediately knows that Charlie and Johnny are up to something. She swears she's innocent, as does Johnny. There's some tiresome banter, and then everyone leaves Johnny alone with his cereal.

Charlie meets Cortez in a diner. He has nothing to share about Jangles, and she has nothing to share about Odin. They discuss Bello and she whines that she has no leverage to make him talk. Cortez, disgusted with his too-rare steak, advises that everyone has a weakness, something or someone they care about that can be used to break them. Which Charlie would know if she'd ever watched any TV at all over the past fifteen or so years, Christ. Won't the government spring for Graceland to get HBO?

Graceland. Briggs comes in and greets Mike, who's channel surfing idly. Mike shows off his wound, and Briggs says his eleven stitches might be a new house record. Mike is upset that the stabber is still out running around, stabbing willy-nilly for all they know, but Briggs is suddenly all Zen about how the universe would help them get Jangles if the universe wanted them to get Jangles. Charlie hollers at Mike and enlists him to help with Bello. She wants to send him into jail, thinking that Bello cares enough about Mike to give them Odin to save Mike the Marine from consecutive life sentences. Briggs and Charlie argue about how Mike has been too recently gutted like a striped bass for this kind of duty, but Mike is kind of an idiot, so he's all, put me in, Coach!

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