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I Don't Know What I Know

Mike gets a call from Agent Clarke at HQ. They want him to come in. Everyone thinks he's getting an award for the Bello bust. Mike hauls his battered body off the couch. At the federal building, Agent Clarke, who we haven't met before, and who thank god isn't Agent Kohn from Sons of Anarchy, opens a file and pulls out an essay Mike wrote at age nine about why he wanted to be an FBI agent. Mike is all, that's sweet, but I'm kind of bleeding everywhere right now? And when did my mom send you that shoebox full of childhood memorabilia?

Mike says he didn't expect a commendation, but Clarke corrects him: this is about how Juan's reports lately have said Mike is insubordinate. Mike brings up the bug in his room, which Clarke already knew about, and says Juan is increasingly paranoid and unstable. Clarke asks if Mike has fallen under Briggs' sway. Mike denies it, and asks what Clarke really wants. Clarke says Juan hasn't been seen for three days, and asks if Mike knows where Briggs has been lately.

Mike can't believe what they're accusing Briggs of. He says Briggs doesn't even know Juan exists (well…). Clarke mentions the recorder Juan checked out on the last day he was at work, and Mike confirms it, saying Juan thought Briggs was working with Caza. (And we're supposed to believe the FBI isn't into cloud storage? Eh, I can believe that.) Mike catches on that Juan's disappearance would be on tape if he met with Briggs. Clarke says they don't know where Juan's car is, and tells Mike to start looking for it—and looking at Briggs.

Johnny has erected a bounce house in the living room. It is very bright, but somehow it looks right. I can't believe none of the Real World houses have had one (or maybe they have recently. I fell off the wagon some time around Paris). Charlie is going through logs from the jail, trying to find out who put in the request to visit Bello and then never showed. Johnny is wearing a jaunty bow tie and a shirt with terrible Gordon Gecko collar and cuffs. When the doorbell rings, he answers and escorts a pack of ladies into the house. Paige puts in the decoy call to lure Jakes home.

At a bar, Jakes orders another drink and says, "Nice try." His old buddy, Derek (the new husband of Jakes's ex, Cassandra, and therefore stepfather to Jakes's son, Daniel), greets him and sits down at the bar next to him. Jakes bitches about the birthday party he's skipping out on.

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