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I Don't Know What I Know

Stripper Graceland. Paige and Briggs watch the girls cavort in the bounce house, and she speculates that maybe the girls are saving up for law school? Hopefully? They hear someone at the door and everyone yells, "Surprise!" But it's Mike, and he's not exactly in a party mood. Everyone's shocked to hear that he didn't get a medal, and Paige pulls him aside to talk privately. Johnny goes to the bounce house with the ladies.

In her room, Paige reads Mike the riot act about lying to the others in the house. He cuts off her yelling by telling her Briggs is a junkie. He reluctantly tells her about Juan's disappearance and how the bureau thinks Briggs is responsible. She's stunned. While she looks out the window dourly, Mike pulls out his childhood essay and hands it over. (And I'd like to quote the sage Drew Barrymore in Fever Pitch here and point out that when an adult is obsessed with the same thing he was obsessed with as a fourth grader, it might mean he is an arrested-development loser. Ahem). He tells her how upset he was to get the assignment to investigate Briggs, and how he's come to feel that it's wrong, but that it's still his job. Paige is adamant that Briggs isn't a murderer. Mike says he agrees with her, but he still wonders if they might be completely wrong about the guy.

Bar. Derek shares how he doesn't like birthdays either, what with the fear of death and everything, and says his kid noticed gray in his beard, which freaked him out. Jakes asks how the boy is—what's his name, Daniel? Man, this long con Jakes is running gets creepier by the minute. Derek asks if Jakes has kids, and he says he does, that he had a wife and kid, but he screwed it up. He grumbles that birthdays remind him how he destroyed his life. Derek commiserates, and says he's staying in a motel tonight, because he and his lady are having problems. He says he'll give her the night apart if that's what she wants, but he's going to fight to stay together. Jakes tosses back the rest of his drink and says he's leaving—for a second chance not to end up alone. Derek thinks he means he's attending his birthday party, but he's not.

Charlie is still poring over the phone records while the bounce-house party rages behind her. Briggs tells her to take a break, and Charlie snaps that she's doing this in the common area because she was hoping he'd help her. Other than Mike, she says, it feels to her like everyone in the house thinks they've solved all the crime in the world. Briggs says maybe Odin has them beat, but when she flips out, he relents and says he'll help out tomorrow. Charlie gets up to storm out, and when Johnny tries to stop her, she grabs a knife (that was in the living room? I guess it was for cake) and pops the floor of the bounce house, which begins collapsing around the shrieking strippers.

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