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I Don't Know What I Know

Cassie's house. Jakes pounds on the door. She answers and he drunkenly slurs that he was thinking about her. He wants to make another go of it. She protests that she can't and he kisses her hand and rambles that he knows she and Derek are having trouble, which tips her off. She shoves him away and asks if he's been talking to Derek. He confesses what he did and tearfully apologizes for running out on her years ago because he thought he was toxic. She's all, you weren't then, but drunk guy at 3 a.m. is pretty awful! She tells him not to come back, ever, as he apologizes. She shuts the door in his face and deadbolts it.

Johnny, sprawled on the couch, pours out his life story (or some version of it) to a cake-eating stripper. Jakes comes home and Johnny and the stripper pop up to yell surprise. Jakes punches Johnny in the face and mutters that he said he didn't want a party. Johnny grabs Jakes as he's trying to go upstairs and yells at him about how he has no respect. Jakes yells back that Johnny threw the party to spite him. The stripper flees. Johnny replies that the party was for everyone, and Jakes says he doesn't care about everyone. Johnny asks why he's ruining the one good thing in his life, the only thing he has. Jakes storms off to his room and breaks a lamp.

In the upstairs hallways, Johnny starts bellowing about how everyone here pretends they're not family, but six people living in one house are family. Uh…sure, Johnny. In their rooms, Mike, Paige, Charlie, and Briggs can all hear him ranting. Johnny says they all have jobs where they spend their days with killers and drug dealers, and he wanted to do something to give them a break from all that. Jakes looks at a picture of Daniel sadly.

Jail. Bello calls Mike, who's sitting in the Graceland living room among the detritus of Jakes's party. And then they're meeting in the visiting room. Mike is wearing his badge. Bello is disappointed and brings up Eddie's death; he says they emigrated together and they were each other's only friend. Bello was feeling guilty for Eddie's death, and Mike reminds him that he should, since he put the gun in Eddie's hand. Bello brings up all the things Mike feels guilty about—the drug deals, the people being tortured and killed. Mike says he was following orders. Bello says his men have orders too, and the difference is that he, Bello, has to pay for his sins. He kind of has a point. (Mike's angst doesn't count).

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