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I Don't Know What I Know

House. Mike comes to Briggs's room and tells him about the investigation. Briggs is all, huh. He's not surprised, since Mike was top of his class at Quantico and got stuck with an assignment he didn't want. He asks what Mike found other than the heroin. Mike says he just found that, but the investigation isn't over. He brings up Juan's disappearance and Clarke's suspicions. He tells Briggs about Juan's wire, then gives Briggs Juan's name. Briggs is all, "Who?" Mike says he's going to start looking for the car, and would appreciate Briggs's help. But Briggs smartly points out that it would look like a cover-up if he helped. Mike apologizes, and Briggs thanks him for his belated honesty.

Diner. Charlie tells Cortez she thinks Rossi is an FBI agent. She shows him the smoke detector she took from the hotel room, and says if Jangles got to the hotel room before they did, then Odin Rossi knows who Jangles is. Cortez speculates that they can follow the corrupt agent to Jangles, and asks his name. Charlie lies that she doesn't have a name to give him.

Mike and Paige walk on the beach and discuss the investigation. Mike says he wanted to see the look on Briggs' face when he gave him Juan's name, but Briggs had no idea who Juan was. At the house, Briggs is logging in to the FBI's server and looking up Juan. He sees the picture and recognizes him.

Next time: Lies! Betrayals! Shouting and ski masks for Briggs and Mike! Well, that just takes away 90 percent of the reason I watch this show.

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