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Let's Go Someplace Like Ecuador

Briggs drives out to the desert and starts digging Juan up. He uncovers the belt of keys Juan was wearing and pulls out the key labeled "Apt. 3."

Briggs talks Jangles with a young guy. The guy has no intel, but Briggs pays him anyway. His phone rings; it's Jakes, who tells him Mike doesn't have the recording. He also mentions Charlie's work with Cortes, and then Briggs rubs the phone against his beard to feign static (that's a neat trick) and hangs up.

FBI office. The roommates all testify on the record about Briggs's disappearance. The agent interrogating them spills Mike's investigation of Briggs to Charlie. Blah blah blah, can't-believe-you-were-a-rat cakes. Mike tells the agent about Jakes's role in Briggs's escape, and blah blah none of the others can believe Jakes was involved. Charlie's all, murder who in the what now? The agent threatens to shut down Graceland unless they find Briggs. Ooh. No. Please, Mr. FBI Agent, don't threaten something I love so much.

Back at the house, the roommates are sequestered while FBI investigators sweep the house for evidence. When Mike arrives, Jakes and Johnny needle him for being a rat. Charlie jumps in to defend him and everyone bickers like irritable toddlers. Johnny still thinks Briggs is innocent, but Paige seems to have come around on the whole it-sure-looks-like-our-friend-is-a-drug-dealer-who-murdered-a-federal-agent thing. The evidence guy tells them they can go back upstairs, but Charlie mutters pessimistically that they won't be living there much longer. Well, duh. Mike thinks if they find Briggs they can keep their precious Real World house.

Johnny goes to Jakes's room and asks why Briggs asked him for help fleeing rather than Johnny. Big-eyed baby Johnny is practically in hurt, jealous tears, and Jakes tells him to grow up and maybe one day a close friend will con him into being an accomplice to murder.

In his room, Mike taps away on his computer and flashes back to Juan telling him that they can prove Briggs was responsible for the fire at the Estate that killed five agents. He goes to Briggs's room and picks up a charred piece of wood. He flashes back to Briggs on the beach, the night he confessed his heroin addiction, telling him obliquely about Lisa, then to Juan filling in the gaps.

Paige comes into Mike's room. He tells her about the Estate and about Briggs's relationship with Lisa. He hands over Lisa's dossier and suddenly says he knows Briggs never left California. He just doesn't think Briggs would ever leave without getting to Jangles. Paige stops his rambling and tries to soothe him by flattering his FBI agent ego, telling him what an awesome job he's done, but Mike just protests that if he'd been doing his job well, Briggs wouldn't have gotten away. Well, he had help. She says Briggs fooled everyone in the house, and then Mike kisses her, as has been ineptly foreshadowed all summer. Paige kisses him back, with all the electricity of rubbing a wet sock against a rutabaga, then breaks it off and tells Mike she knows what he really wants is to distract himself with sex. She leaves.

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