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Let's Go Someplace Like Ecuador

Charlie and Cortes leave the restaurant and as they're saying good-bye, he invites her to his lovely house on the beach to have some farewell champagne. And some farewell boot-knockin', he implies. She says she's tempted, but thinks it's a better idea to stay platonic. He gives her the address in case she changes her mind. Briggs, in a hoodie and sunglasses, is watching very, very subtly from a car parked across the street.

Paige and Johnny apparently still have jobs, because they're somewhere in tactical gear. Mike calls Paige and tells her about the burner and says he's tracking Briggs.

Cortes's house. He puts down his sleek leather travel bag o' knives and goes upstairs. Briggs has followed him and is walking across the beach toward the back of the house.

Charlie arrives back at an empty Graceland and pours herself a glass of wine while she contemplates getting back in the car and driving down the coast to have sex with a torture killer.

Briggs lets himself into Cortes's house. Upstairs, Cortes takes the bandage off the wound on the back of his shoulder. Briggs finds the bag o' knives, and the jangly keys inside it. Cortes hears him, cocks his gun, and starts stalking quietly down the stairs. Briggs lines up one of Cortes's keys with the one he took off Juan's body. Making a ton of noise, he hooks Juan's key to Cortes's ring. Cortes comes downstairs and they fight. Briggs manages to get Cortes in a chokehold, and just then Charlie comes in and points her gun at Briggs while he yells that Cortes is Jangles.

Briggs lets Cortes go after Charlie threatens to shoot him. He pleads with her, explaining how he set the motel-room trap where Charlie met Cortes. Cortes gasps for air and then clubs Briggs over the head with the champagne bottle, knocking him unconscious. She stops him from bashing Briggs's head in and tells him to call an ambulance. He's all, "Yeah, of course, I'll call the FBI in just a minute after you put him in zip ties!" Charlie cries and curses at Briggs as she cuffs his hands behind him.

Mike's driving when his phone beeps, indicating it's tracked Briggs's burner to a house by the ocean.

At the house, Cortes tells Charlie he called an ambulance. Liar! She asks why Briggs came to the house, and he's all, who the hell knows. He opens the champagne and drinks from the bottle. She asks why Briggs called him Jangles, and he says he doesn't know, then cozies up to her, calling her Catherine. She says she told him she didn't want to be called that, and clubs him in the head with the bottle. (So impressive that none of the wine spills when she does that)? She doesn't do it quite hard enough, because he grabs a knife from the floor and holds it to her throat.

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