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Let's Go Someplace Like Ecuador

Briggs comes to on the floor. Cortes walks through a puddle of champagne and then kicks Briggs in the face into unconsciousness again. And Mike drives toward the house. He doesn't seem to be in a huge hurry.

Cortes puts on his murderin' music and walks around the master bedroom, jangling his keys and talking all murder-y. Charlie still has her I'm-confused face on, while Briggs (hands still bound with the zip ties) is all, this seems like a shitty way to die.

Cortes confesses to murdering all the agents at the Estate, saying he robbed Briggs of the chance to see his friends die once, but now he'll give him that opportunity. Charlie blusters that Cortes better kill her. Cortes would be more than happy to do that! He puts his hand over her mouth and cuts her shallowly above her breast, then runs the knife all over her face. Because everyone prefers an situation that's easy to escape involving an overly elaborate and exotic death! Then Cortes hears the sound of a car outside.

Savior Mike has finally arrived. Inside, Cortes tells Charlie and Briggs to be quiet, then cranks the music all the way up so no one will hear them if they scream. He cocks his gun and goes looking for Mike. And Briggs is awfully nice not to point out to Charlie just now that she's a complete idiot. Charlie bellows her head off, to no avail.

Cortes creeps downstairs while Mike lurks in the dark kitchen. They stare at each other, Cortes at the top of the stairs, Mike at the bottom. They both draw, and Mike shoots Cortes right through the heart. He tumbles down the stairs. Mike calmly looks for a pulse, then goes upstairs, gun still drawn. He finds Briggs and Charlie, kills the music, and frees them. On the way out, Charlie gives Cortes's dead body a good kick.

Outside, Mike and Briggs lean against the truck. Mike says he knew Briggs wouldn't give up on hunting the man who killed Lisa. Briggs muses that he loved her. But he only told Mike part of the heroin-in-Mexico story. He resumes narrating: while Jangles was interrogating him, the only question he asked was who the Caza mole was. When he stopped giving Briggs heroin, the withdrawal got so bad that Briggs eventually told him it was Estate housemate Roberto Ganzia, Briggs's training officer.

Jangles, of course, killed Roberto and the rest of the agents in the house. Briggs relives escaping from the heroin shack and finding the burned-out shell of the Estate. "He knew that living with what I had done would be worse than any death," Briggs tells Mike. "And he was right."

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