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Let's Go Someplace Like Ecuador

FBI building. The agent who interrogated the Gracelanders tells Mike the bureau is proud of him and they're offering him a position as special assistant to the deputy director—in DC, where Mike wanted to be all along. The agent says he'll look him up next time he's back east. Mike asks if Graceland is getting shut down, and the agent says he doesn't think it is. Mike wants to talk about Briggs.

He watches through a two-way mirror as the agent tells Briggs they've discovered that Cortes is the one who killed Juan. Briggs, who's still handcuffed to the table, picks up the key the agent dropped in front of him. Whenever El Hombre Llave killed someone, the agent says, he took a key as a trophy, and they found Juan's front door key on Cortes's ring. Ahhhhh. The agent tosses it on the table in an evidence bag. In another bag: the key to Lisa's room at the Estate. So the bureau has deduced that Cortes committed those murders too. Well, they're half right.

Further, as regards Odin Rossi, the agent says, they've been tracking a guy named Anthony Busca in South America. Mike, watching from the other room, leaves. I can't tell if he's disgusted or impressed. Possibly both.

Charlie is waiting in the parking lot when Briggs gets out. He plops into the passenger seat and asks how she's doing. Well, she should at least be under review for having such spectacularly bad judgment, right? She cries about how she trusted Cortes and not Briggs, and says she can't even look at Briggs. She wants to turn in her badge. That seems like an excellent idea! Briggs tries to talk her out of it, and she asks with teary eyes if he can forgive her for getting things so wrong. Apparently he can.

Graceland. Briggs and Charlie plod through the front door and find Jakes in the kitchen. Everyone else is at a bonfire down on the beach, he says, after Mike told them the whole story. Charlie goes down to join them while Jakes pulls beers from the fridge and asks Briggs to hang back. He tells Jakes the whole Juan deal is done as they pack up the cooler, and they're more than even. I don't see how Jakes got anything good out of this deal, unless he had a lifelong ambition to have his record as a federal agent tarnished. Nevertheless, Jakes says that's good, and now Briggs has to fix Graceland.

Bonfire. Johnny hugs Briggs and manages not to call him "Dad." Paige just grins. She's wearing a shirt, surprisingly. Briggs grabs a beer and tells everyone about how he was addicted to heroin five years ago. (So it's great that he almost let Charlie get addicted in order to preserve his cover with Quinn! Unless I'm totally missing the point of that scene? It's possible). He says he forgot about what mattered: the people, and home. They toast and drink, and then Paige makes a toast to Mike and his DC promotion. "We are going to miss you," she says. Johnny calls him Levi. Everyone chuckles and Briggs and Mike stare meaningfully at each other. See, there's the real missed opportunity for romance on this show.

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