Smoke Alarm

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Like a Book With a Paige Torn Out

Mike, in a not at all product-placed Kia, cruises past the agents in a white panel van who are tracking him, checks in with them on the microphone in his watch, then parks and head into Bello's safe house. There's a whole lot of glass for a safe house, but Mike seems satisfied with it. Bello hands Mike a cigar and then his men bring out a big box o' guns.

Graceland. Charlie's on the phone with a source. She hangs up and tells Paige she nailed down a Mexican shell company that had ties to Odin; money from the company was used to pay for a motel room in Long Beach. And now she's going to check it out.

Bello wants Mike to instruct his men on how to use the assault rifles in the box so they can protect the dealers on the corner. One of the men is unsure about this whole I-might-get-my-feet-cut-off thing, but Mike shuts down his objections.

Back at Graceland, Mike asks what Briggs can tell him about Jangles. Nothing new. Mike is anxious about Bello's men being on the streets with these big guns, and he wants to go higher up in the bureau and tell them to shut down Bello. Briggs overrules him—he still wants to wait so they can get Jangles. "And Odin," Mike reminds him. Briggs is all, oh yeah, that guy, right, of course I meant Odin. Mike asks if Briggs is in this for justice or revenge, and Briggs admits he's totally on the revenge side of the ledger. He says he's using one monster as bait to get the other monster. Hey, I think I saw that in Pacific Rim.

At FBI HQ, Mike asks Juan why the bureau hasn't pulled Briggs out of the field after what Mike told them about his addiction. Juan reminds him that Mike wanted to help Briggs, and tells him to keep working on the plan. He wants Mike to put a tracker in Briggs's Jeep, because Juan wonders why Briggs would be so cozy in his relationship with the cartel when they're such bad guys. Juan thinks Briggs plans to sell Bello out to the cartel. (To what end, he does not say.)

At the house, Mike goes into his room and smashes the framed photo that Juan gave him, the one his grandfather took. He cuts his finger on the glass—and finds a bug under the photograph.

Paige pops her head into the bathroom, where Mike is holding his bloody finger over the sink full of water. He reassures her that he just broke a frame, no biggie, but Paige's bullshit monitor is going off. She starts counseling him again about how he can trust her and be himself here at the house, and Mike brushes her off. Damn, Paige. Fuck him or shut up, because this repetitive bullshit is so goddamn boring.

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