Smoke Alarm

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Like a Book With a Paige Torn Out

Charlie has staked out the motel in Long Beach. She puts down her magazine and knocks on the door of Briggs's room, saying it's housekeeping. Then she goes in. Briggs sees her on his monitor and watches as she searches the room. She sees the second smoke alarm, pulls it off the wall and deactivates the camera. Seems like a rookie mistake not to get rid of the original smoke detector, no? Briggs shuts his laptop. Charlie shoves the smoke alarm in her purse just as a man in a white suit jimmies open the sliding door with a knife and comes into the room.

Charlie and Suit Man point their guns at each other. He says, his voice accented with Spanish, that he didn't expect Odin Rossi to be a woman. Charlie, of course, thinks he's Odin Rossi. The man reaches carefully for his badge—he's a Mexican cop. They warily get closer to each other so Charlie can read the badge. The federale is Rafael Cortez. Charlie reaches for her own ID and Cortez lowers his gun. He says the Caza cartel sent an assassin to kill Odin, and he's tracking the assassin. He points out that they found the motel awfully easily, didn't they, after so many months of no progress on the case? Charlie agrees. Cortez proposes working together, but Charlie is wary and leaves.

Mike confronts Juan about the bug in his room. Juan's all, and you're surprised because…? Juan just wanted to make sure Briggs didn't seduce Mike into his eeeeevil, but Mike wants to know why Juan is so gung-ho on Briggs when he's never met the man. Juan starts a story: there was another house like Graceland five years ago, the Estate, and Briggs lived there as well. Juan hands over a file, showing Mike a photo of Briggs and his training agent, Roberto. Roberto was a friend of Juan's from Quantico, it turns out.

Juan explains what happened three years ago, when Roberto and Briggs were undercover with Caza. The bureau thought the assignment had gotten too dangerous, so they pulled Roberto and Briggs out and told Briggs to go on vacation. But Briggs went to Mexico, as he told Mike. Two weeks later the Estate burned down, killing the five agents inside, including Roberto. Juan says the official explanation was an electrical fire. Briggs returned five days later, Juan says, and he volunteered to be assigned to Graceland shortly after.

Oy. The exposition fairy continues: Juan thinks that Briggs gave Caza the location of the Estate so he wouldn't lose all the progress he'd made on the case. He says the day Briggs returned, a call came in to the main Estate house line, and Briggs was one of the only people who had that number. The call was from a pay phone on the Arizona border, and seconds later another call was made to one of the housemates, Lisa—who was Briggs's girlfriend.

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