Smoke Alarm

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Like a Book With a Paige Torn Out

Mike reminds Juan about how Caza held Briggs, tortured him, got him addicted to heroin, and how those events fit into Juan's timeline. Mike can't believe Juan is accusing Briggs of murdering five agents, and he thinks Juan is crazy. He quits his assignment and walks out.

Graceland. Briggs comes into Johnny's room, where Johnny is sifting through tons of dirty laundry (he's planning to steal Jakes's yummy-smelling detergent since Jakes is out on assignment. Poor Jakes gets no respect). Briggs wants to talk about Charlie, since she's acting a bit nuts lately. Johnny reluctantly tells Briggs what Charlie suspects about him being connected to Odin. Briggs laughs at that and says he wants to focus on Jangles. Johnny might have a lead.

Briggs and Johnny head to a bar where the bartender looks like that Teen Mom who did porn, only less like she got punched in the face with a needle full of Restalyne and cum. Teen Mom Bartender shuffles off and Briggs pokes Johnny about keeping his investigation on track. Johnny has it bad for Teen Mom Bartender, though, and she won't date him because she thinks he's a gang member, from back when he was undercover. Ironically, Johnny thinks she'd be more into him if he could flash his badge. Briggs tells him next time he should pretend to be undercover LAPD.

At the house, Charlie digs through Cortez's personnel file. Back at the bar, Johnny asks Teen Mom Bartender if she's heard the chopped-off-feet rumors. She has, but just from scummy gang bangers. She reluctantly points out one banger she's heard the rumor from. Briggs orders two more drinks and goes over near said bangers, on the pretense of getting some tacos. Behind him is the Bello foot soldier who objected to the assault rifles, lifting shots with some other Spanish-speaking gentlemen.

Bello's house. Mike brings in a load of Chinese food and fills Bello in on the men's mood: it's dour. They're afraid of getting their feet chopped off, as one might reasonably be. Mike asks why Bello won't give up Odin when the cartel is coming after Bello and his men. Bello says a war is coming and it's worth it to him to be independent of the cartel. Mike points out that Caza might very well kill him, and all his men. But Bello is through with talking and making deals. He's confident in how well Mike has trained the men.

Bar. Johnny tells Teen Mom Bartender he's thinking of joining the LAPD. She's pleased. Briggs collects his tacos, subtly monitoring the conversation at the Bello foot soldier's table. Back at the bar, Briggs tells Johnny that the foot soldier has sold Bello out to Caza, so Jangles knows where the safe house is. He tells Johnny to call in a tac team while Briggs calls Mike.

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