Smoke Alarm

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Sara Brady: C | 30 USERS: B+
Like a Book With a Paige Torn Out

Safe house. Bello and Mike are talking Westerns again. Bello doesn't care for Butch and Sundance, and he is wrong. Mike agrees with me. The sprinklers outside switch on and Mike goes out to make sure the water doesn't ruin the weapons. He calls in backup as he's switching off the water. In his car, Briggs is trying to call Mike, but getting no answer.

Briggs pulls up at the panel van where the two FBI agents who were monitoring Mike's wire were; they're both in the van, dead. Mike stalks through the house, gun drawn, and hears keys jangling. He whispers this info and Briggs hears it at the van.

Jangles, who has a black bandanna hiding the lower half of his face, has already found Bello, tied him up and cut his face up pretty well. Bello says he's not afraid, even when Jangles threatens to cut out his eyes. Bello points out that he's a fan of chopping off hands, himself. Briggs is running toward the house as Mike, behind Jangles, closes in. Jangles asks where Odin is, and Bello says he won't tell him, of course. He yells at Mike to kill Jangles. Mike and Jangles exchange fire. Mike shoots the wire that binds Bello's hands, and Bello crumples to the floor.

As Mike comes into the room, Jangles stabs him in the gut. Mike falls. Briggs, in the backyard, shoots Jangles through one of those huge windows before he can kill Mike. Jangles flees and Mike tells Briggs to pursue, but Briggs finds a cloth to stop the bleeding as the tac team comes in. Briggs pursues. An FBI team member escorts Bello out, and Mike hisses at one of the others to read him his rights, to preserve his cover. Mike loses consciousness.

Hospital. Mike wakes up to see Paige standing over him. He punches the button for more painkillers and she says the doctors think he'll recover. She's brought her get-well-soon cleavage, so that ought to perk him right up. His room is full of flowers and teddy bears, and he asks if anything is from the FBI, or was anonymous. Is he wondering if Abby sent something, or if Juan did? Paige wants to know what he's talking about, and Mike finally spills why he can't be himself in Graceland: he tells her he was assigned to investigate Briggs.

Paige pulls back and asks, "You're a rat?" Mike protests and says he just needed to tell somebody he could trust. Paige mutters that he needs to get his rest and leaves while he calls after her to stay. Ugh, Paige. You're a jerk.

In his car, Juan is listening to a tape of Briggs (and Mike, I think) talking about Jangles. And then Juan stops the tape, picks up his keys, and raises a black bandanna to cover his nose and mouth, typing it around his head just like the way Jangles was wearing it when he was torturing Bello. I guess this should be shocking. It's not, really.

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