Smoke Alarm

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Like a Book With a Paige Torn Out

Charlie meets with Cortez in a diner. He congratulates her on taking down Bello and says his people think Caza will bring Jangles back to Mexico. But Cortez doesn't think Jangles will follow orders. Charlie wants to interrogate Bello to get Odin's location out of him. Cortez is very polite, but he clearly couldn't give a shit about Bello, and they talk about some interagency collaboration. They drink to it. But maybe something is not on the up and up with Cortez? The camera pulls back behind his shoulder but doesn't focus on anything that I can make out.

On the beach, Briggs is drinking by a fire. He pulls a small skull charm out of his pocket and flashes back to a woman who must be Lisa, his dead former housemate/girlfriend.

Juan's car. He says his name into a wire and says he's about to approach Briggs about the fire at the Estate and the deaths of the agents. "I am undercover as the Caza mercenary known as Jangles," he says. Oh, this is going to go well. He puts his keys in his pocket—and it's actually a long wallet chain that makes the jangling noise—and heads down to the beach.

Briggs hears him coming. He laughs when Juan asks, "You were looking for me?" The site where Briggs has made his fire is where the Estate was, it seems, and he says the house burned because of the two of them. Juan reaches for his gun, and Briggs is all, so you don't like knives anymore? He pulls his own weapon. They stumble against each other, Briggs is pretty drunk, and the gun goes off. Juan falls. Briggs falls to his knees next to him and just stares.

Next time: Charlie wants to send Mike undercover in jail with Bello.

Okay. I have some questions. Is there a real Jangles? If not, who did all the torturing of Briggs three years ago in Mexico? Was it Juan, undercover even back then? And if so, why? Did Juan kill that drug dealer? Am I the only one in America who cares about this garbage?

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