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Sins Of The Father... And Sister
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Man, I can't believe they aired an episode that's so completely filler when we've only got three to go. I was so psyched for Bryan Fuller, and yet the show has managed to completely ruin any momentum it had from "Cold Snap." So boring! Anyway...

...it's back around to day in Coyote Sands, and the team on hand has excavated many more corpses. Peter complains about what they're doing, as well he might given that I don't see any evidence that any of them have slept since they got there, and then Nathan tells him to trust Angela, which is kind of hilarious all around. Needless to say, Peter is not interested in having his traitorous brother weigh in on what he should or shouldn't be feeling, so Claire goes over to him and tries to get him to give Nathan a chance. "He knows what he's done and he's carrying enough guilt for all of us." Here's my exceedingly witty rejoinder: No he doesn't, and no he isn't. Seriously, it's Claire's business if she wants to make peace with Nathan, but for her to say that Nathan has earned that consideration from any of them, least of all Peter, the only family member he didn't protect from the government initiative, is funnier than anything I'm talented enough to write. Peter isn't particularly impressed with Claire's plea, and decides instead to do something constructive and ask Angela what the hell is up with them coming to find a sister they didn't even know she had. Angela cinematically swivels her head...

...and then we're thrown into a black-and-white flashback of an old-style bus pulling into the location we just left in the present as a chyron informs us it's February 1961. The place is fenced in, and a sign on the gate reads "Coyote Sands Relocation Center," and even without knowing what's coming, if that euphemism doesn't vaguely chill your blood, you're not paying close enough attention. Amid a line of people who've just disembarked from the bus, a teenaged girl turns to face the camera for a moment before Younger Chandra calls her name -- "Angela Shaw," and on looks alone, this is a great cast, because this girl bears a lot of similarities to Cristine Rose. YC also calls the name of her sister, "Alice," who looks perhaps the slightest bit, er, "off," before introducing himself and affably inviting them to follow him. As they walk, he points out the playground, dining room, and game room, and all the place needs are some canvas tents and an archery range to be the summer camp I went to when I was ten. After he sings the center's praises some more, Angela asks where he's from, and he tells her Bombay. "I've come a long way to meet you. To help you." He points to a building that he says will be theirs, and adds that their parents will be just across the way. He then tells them "Dr. Zimmerman" will escort them, but the friendly mood is dampened somewhat when Angela observes the presence of armed guards, and between them and the fact that their parents are there, I have to agree that the camp atmosphere is seeming less fun by the second. YC, however, assures them that the guards are only there to keep them safe, and Angela seems to buy that, which goes to show that mistrust and paranoia are made, not born. The bunch of them head off...

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