A Clear And Present Danger

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Crash Course
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As I said in the recaplet, welcome back! And to try to start the new chapter off on a positive note, whatever else can be said about this episode, it most certainly was not boring, which already puts it ahead of almost anything in the two previous installments. (The Sylar scenes excepted, that is.) So:

We open on a closeup of a digital clock that reads 7:12. I wouldn't normally mention such a trivial detail, but since the show seems to want to be Lost all of a sudden, maybe the numbers will be significant. The phone rings, and Tracy looks at the caller ID before answering and kittenishly greeting the Governor, who apparently tells her to turn on the TV. She complies, and we see Nathan being interviewed by some guy who talks about his "seemingly meteoric rise" in the Senate and how his access to private citizens' life information basically makes the Patriot Act look like the creation of bleeding-heart liberals by comparison. Nathan disingenuously chuckles like the good neocon he is as he describes himself as a "humble junior senator" from New York who just happens to be the Chairman of the Senate Commission on Homeland Security, and if Nathan achieved this in a few months you have to figure Hillary Clinton is watching and wondering where she went wrong. Tracy, looking not all that amused, assures the Governor that she knew nothing about Nathan's little interview here, as she hasn't talked to him in almost two months. After suggesting rather strongly that she's resumed providing, er, free services to the Governor, she hangs up, and the tone of the scene changes as the interviewer brings up rumors of "frequent private meetings" at the White House, and asks what's up. Nathan tells the guy that they're protecting the American people from a serious threat, and they need to take "precautionary measures." At that moment, Tracy focuses in on the open bathroom window, and then looks warily back at Nathan before moving and shutting and locking said window. But she quickly comes face to face with a man dressed like some sort of commando, all in black with a mask over his face. She grabs his arm and tries to freeze him, but is terrified when she sees his clothes somehow absorb her power. She tries to flee, but a few other commandos appear and surround her, weapons at the ready. After a stupid assertion about how she doesn't beg, a last begoggled commando, clearly the leader, appears and unceremoniously zaps Tracy with what seems like a flying taser charge, and she goes down as Nathan is changing into a t-shirt that reads "I'm A Religious Zealot! Ask Me How!" As he tells his minions to be sure to cover Tracy's hands, the commando leader removes his headgear to reveal that he is Zeljko Ivanek, who is awesome in every way and who I haven't had the pleasure of recapping since he played the Pernicious Peewee on Oz, and it was at this moment I knew prospects for this chapter were looking up indeed. ZI makes a call and tells whoever answers to inform "Petrelli" that they got "the first one." And for the first time in a while, the show has earned this: DUN!

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