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In Tokyo, Ando's waiting with his eyes closed as Hiro gleefully opens the doors to an abandoned firehouse. After Hiro allows Ando to look, he tells him he pulled some strings and got the city to sell it to him, and now it's their lair. Hiro's plan, basically, is to be a chattier, less British version of Alfred with Bruce Wayne's money and a bit of Lucius Fox's skill with gadgetry thrown in to Ando's Batman, which sounds great in theory. However, when Ando sees the Spandex costume Hiro has had prepared for him, he tells Hiro, "I wouldn't be caught dead in this thing." If my read of the Heroes fandom is at all correct, that statement will be met with disappointment both widespread and extreme. Ando makes the obvious point that the newly-powerless Hiro is trying to live through him, and adds that his power is worthless. Hiro's enthusiasm remains undiminished, but Ando isn't feeling it until Hiro mentions the "Ando-cycle" and pulls off a tarp to reveal a pretty sweet-looking hog. He tells Ando that he "embedded" in it the latest in two-way communication, and moves over to a computer screen as he says you just have to enter the password to access it, which is the name of someone very important to him. Hiro goes on that once the password is entered, he'll be able to track Ando anywhere in the world through his GPS implant. Ando: "What GPS implant?" Here's where Ando learns not to leave Hiro open. Yes, Hiro answers Ando's query by producing a giant GPS-implant-injecting gun and shooting Ando in the arm with it, much to Ando's dismay. Hiro's mention that he did the same thing to himself and his assertion that the pain goes away after an hour do nothing to mollify Ando, and he tells Hiro he's done with him: "Get yourself another superhero!" Well, if you insist, I'll take Donnie Darko. Ando rides out on the Ando-cycle, which I suppose he's entitled to after putting up with Hiro for all these years.

At the scene of a car accident, Peter, apparently now a paramedic, is administering CPR to a prone and blood-soaked man. His fellow EMT tells him to give it up already, but Peter doesn't stop until his friend grabs his arm and says there's nothing he could have done -- the guy bled out in the car, and they couldn't have extracted him any faster because he was pinned in there. Peter: "I should have been stronger." So Tracy doesn't beg, and you should have been stronger. Anything else we don't need to know?

At the Petrelli Ancestral Apartment, Claire is sitting in front of a number of college brochures artfully laid out on the table in front of her. Angela appears and asks if Claire has any favorites yet, and adds that getting her GED was the best thing Claire could have done. Look, no disrespect, but I doubt the colleges Claire mentions here -- Georgetown, Smith, Hamilton -- are going to look twice at someone who went to approximately 18, 734 high schools unless some major strings are pulled by her powerful family, and in that case I don't think the equivalency test is going to enter much into it. I'd also point out that February is not really the time to be thinking about college applications, except this show can't possibly get that process any more wrong than Gossip Girl, a show about high school, so I'll stick to hitting Heroes when it actually deserves it. Claire is not feeling the whole college thing anyway, so Angela sits down with her and says that she's discussed it with both her dads and they all feel that this is Claire's best shot at a normal life. Claire urgently replies that that will be impossible as long as Sylar is out there, and while Angela assures her that they found Sylar's remains, confirmed by dental records, Claire is unconvinced, saying she can still feel him. And this is possibly the episode's first real problem -- how is it that Sylar is out there again? I don't see how he could have undone whatever it was that Claire did to incapacitate him. Anyway, Claire goes on that she knows Bennet's hiding things from her again, and mentions a man in Memphis who disappeared under suspicious circumstances, including the upstairs part of his house being filled with salt water, and also that her dad has been going on "business trips," and she should be out helping him. Or, you know, stopping him from committing unspeakable acts of evil. Either one. Claire blows off Angela's last attempt to get her to drop it, and stalks out of the room...

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