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At the Petrelli Ancestral Apartment, Claire tiptoes down the stairs and hears Angela on the phone talking about her. She sneaks closer as Angela talks about the guy in Memphis about whom Claire found out, and then Claire surreptitiously picks up another extension (two phones on the same land line ten feet away from each other? Right) to hear Nathan saying he was counting on Angela distracting Claire. He goes on that today is crucial and she needs to be kept away from Peter and Matt while they're taken down, and then since we haven't heard Angela in a while it's no surprise when Claire turns to see her grandmother staring at her. Claire gives Angela a look of steely death before getting the hell out of there, leaving Angela to sigh to her son, "I think we have a big problem now." Can we just get rid of Angela? I mean, Peter was on her side against Arthur, and Nathan was against her. Now she's with Nathan? Why? I enjoy Cristine Rose, but this character is preposterous.

Gray is telling Sylar that he's a different person than he was back then, and it was a long time ago. Sylar: "Maybe for you." Maybe for everyone who watches this show, too. I'm pretty hopeful for the direction this chapter indicates, but they have to figure out what the hell they're doing with Sylar or (probably best) get rid of him, because I'm tired of wishing Zachary Quinto, whom I really like, off my screen, and Ongoing Daddy Issues are not any kind of solution. To wit, Sylar asks, "How does a boy without a father grow up to be a man? And how many seas must a white dove sail before she can sleep in the sand?" Well, maybe not that last part. But seriously, Sylar, do what so many of us with absent fathers do -- be an enormous queen. You'll give blowin' in the wind a whole new meaning. Anyway, now that I've attached a less boring mental image to this scene, let's get to the part where Gray tells Sylar that his mother was a "sick, infantile woman," and he got Sylar when he was given to him by his brother, who needed money. He writes down an address, and after Sylar uses his power and notes that Gray is telling the truth, Gray dismisses him. Sylar toys with the idea of using his deli-slicer index finger, but decides against it and leaves.

We're back with Peter and his hot co-worker, who says he saw Nathan on TV that morning and asks Peter if he's going to see him while he's in town. Peter says they're not really talking at the moment, which is all the opening the guy needs to tell Peter that Nathan gives him the cold chills -- the co-worker is of Iranian descent, and he takes Nathan's rhetoric as thinly-veiled hostility. "We're different, so we're scary." This strikes an obvious chord with Peter, but before they can discuss the matter further, Peter gets an urgent call from Claire, who tries to tell him (after mentioning she's in New York; he didn't already know that?) about the possibility of Nathan having people with abilities rounded up and taken away and Angela being involved. Peter either doesn't take his niece as seriously as he should, or he's an idiot, because his plan upon hearing this news is to go talk to his mother, who's probably somewhere down the line from Dick Cheney on the list of people I'd go to with a civil-liberties emergency. But first, he gets in a cab...

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