A Clear And Present Danger

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...and discovers that the driver is Mohinder. (What's with all the hand-held this episode, by the way? Did someone see Rachel Getting Married recently?) They smile at each other, and completely gloss over the ass-kicking Mohinder got the last time they met in favor of sharing a light callback to their cab scene in the series premiere ("Ever get the feeling you were meant to do something extraordinary?") and the grins they exchange make up the kind of nice moment that really should happen more on this show. Mohinder answers the question, saying he used to, but not anymore, and all their old friends are under the radar now, except Nathan, of course. Mohinder muses that what Nathan's doing may be right, as unchecked mutant powers can be dangerous, and he was living proof. Speaking of which, that ominous lesion that was on Mohinder's face at the end of the last chapter is nowhere to be seen. Peter thinks segregation, internment camps, and people hiding underground could be the result, but Mohinder says that's a risk he's willing to take. Man, we're not even going to get a scene break before the ironic comeuppance -- you see, Peter hops out at his destination (87th and Madison, if you're trivia-minded), and once he's gone, another fare gets in -- ZI. He points a gun at the back of Mohinder's head, and I don't blame him for quietly obeying ZI's order to drive rather than testing out the strength of the Plexiglas there. They head off...

...and soon pull onto the top level of what looks like an indoor/outdoor garage. ZI's minions are there in full gear with a big SUV, and as they approach, ZI gets out of the car and tells Mohinder, "I want you to get in the van." At least he didn't say anything about him looking about a size fourteen. Mohinder gets out, but grips his car door purposefully, and the next thing you know, he's ripped the thing off its hinges and bashed ZI in the face with it, although he doesn't add a crack about ZI not tipping, which is kind of a shame. He does, however, smartly use the door to deflect several shots from the commandos, but one finally makes it through, and he drops his shield and makes a run for it, heading down the Guggenheim-like winding ramp until a car blocks his path -- and it's driven by Bennet, who tells him to get in if he wants to live. Doesn't quite sound the same without an Austrian accent, I feel obliged to tell you. Bennet squeals his tires as he asks Mohinder a series of questions ever-increasing in their suspiciousness, the last being, "What did Peter Petrelli tell you today?" Even Mohinder realizes this can only mean bad things, but it's too late to do anything about it, as Bennet has driven him right back to the commandos. As ZI woozily yet still menacingly limps toward them, Bennet apologizes before zapping Mohinder in the leg with a tranquilizer, and Mohinder staggers out of the car before falling to the ground and losing consciousness. Bennet doesn't say, "That's for shooting me in the eye that time, jerky," but you know he's thinking it.

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