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Crash Course

Peter enters the Petrelli Ancestral Apartment and calls for Angela, but finds Nathan instead, who's unconvincingly conciliatory toward his brother. Peter's not fooled by the act, calling Nathan a "self-loathing hypocrite," and if Milo Ventimiglia would only take some acting lessons I could really commit to liking Peter here. Nathan continues holding out a poisoned olive branch (even using those words minus "poisoned"), saying he regrets the things he said at their last meeting, and that he'd like Peter's advice. Peter: "What advice could I possibly give you besides 'kiss my ass', Nathan?" Well, if you're going to go that route, a visual aid seems appropriate. Nathan asks his brother out on a date that evening, and even though he promises it'll be "just dinner," you know it's the prospect of inappropriate touching that gets Peter to accept. Peter starts to leave, presumably to shop for cologne and a new outfit, but Nathan calls after him to ask what abilities he has these days. Peter replies by asking what the last ability Nathan saw him use was, and after Nathan duhs that it was flight, Peter leaves without another word.

Back at the Brooklyn apartment, Matt is startled to discover his spirit guide/turtle out of his tank, when NeoIsaac (or, more precisely, a vision of him) appears and tells him his calling is to be a prophet. Matt whines about a normal life, but NeoIsaac, in his elliptical, meandering way, basically tells him to STFU, and before you know it Matt's eyes have gone white and he's drawing the next edition of 9th Wonders. I hope Isaac Mendez's estate gets some royalties.

Hiro locates Ando through the GPS embedded in his ulna, and tries to apologize through the audio link, but is disheartened when he realizes Ando is at a strip club. However, it turns out he's safely outside, winking at some girls while sitting on his bike with his Bluetooth earpiece in. Not exactly James Dean, but we'll go with it. Hiro babbles at Ando until the commandos show up and shut him up by dragging him away (they're... kidnapping a foreign citizen on foreign soil? Oooookay), which sends Ando after him. If only he could use his power to supercharge the bike, he'd get to Hiro a lot faster.

Matt's drawing is interrupted by an urgent knock, and his eyes return to normal. He gets a gun out of the desk, because nefarious characters on this show always make their presence known by rapping loudly on doors, and then opens up to find a Land Shark, which immediately bites his head off. Well, actually, it's Claire, but wouldn't the other thing have been funnier? Anyway, she tells him about Angela and Nathan and whatever, and he shows her the drawings he made, which are all of him standing around like an idiot, which is apt, because when they look at one of someone shooting him through the window, they just stand there until a dart breaks the glass and hits Matt in the neck. The commandos bust in, and that's all she wrote for these two for the moment.

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