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Peter arrives home to find Nathan waiting for him, and what was the point of even making the dinner date if he was just going to do this? Why break it up into two scenes? Lame. Anyway, Nathan tries to sell Peter on his agenda, and basically says that he'll protect Peter if he'll admit that Nathan's doing the right thing here. Peter tells him to go to hell while moving to a distance close enough still to be illegal in many states, and Nathan hangs his head before asking for a hug. It seems like Peter's a moron for falling for the same trick twice, but as I said in the recaplet, he's powerless against the prospect of brother-touching, and exploiting that is one of the smartest and most cynical things Nathan has ever done. Because yes, after a long embrace in which both brothers learn how the other's deltoids have changed over the past two months, someone zaps Peter from behind, and he goes down. Nathan leaves with a "Don't hurt him," and Bennet merely raises an eyebrow.

We see a house with a sign in front of it that reads "Samson Gray, Taxidermist," and then Sylar appears and enters. Inside are all the predictable stuffed animals, a picture of his young self, a snow globe, and less predictably, a still-burning cigarette. After Sylar discovers this last, a dart hits him in the back, and when he turns, he gets lit up with three more. The commandos then attempt to capture him, but the tranquilizers have no effect, and the confrontation turns out to be as much of a mismatch as most 80s Super Bowl games. Sylar eventually lifts one of the commandos into the air and tries to get him to talk, but he won't, so it's a brain examination for him. If he doesn't take the time to stuff the guy's corpse, he really has no sense of humor at all.

Ando's back at the Ando-lair trying to figure out the password, and after he recalls that Hiro said it was someone important to him, he tries "Kaito" and "Kensei" before an affectionate smile comes across his face and he types "Ando." Aw, but it's interesting that he didn't even think to try that girl in Olde Japan who almost bored us all to death in Chapter Two. Maybe between the firehouse and the Spandex Ando's become less convinced of Hiro's heterosexuality. Anyway, the computer shows Hiro's present location...

...before we fade into said location, an airplane hangar somewhere or other, bright with overexposed yellow tones. Nathan is waiting, some commandos in tow, as a van pulls up and the prisoners are marched out. They're dressed in orange jumpsuits with black masks, goggles, and ear-muffling headphones, chained to each other, and the cumulative effect is to give the situation a chilling gravitas that it might not otherwise have had. Attached to the jumpsuits is a keypad and LED readout connected to a thin tube, which I'm assuming is a setup to keep the Heroes pumped with power-inhibiting drugs like The Company used. Nathan watches the tableau, looking more resolute than conflicted, until ZI approaches and says they have a couple situations. The first is easy for Nathan to guess -- they failed to capture Sylar. He grits that he told ZI they needed to put a bullet in the back of his head, and ZI assures him they're sending a cleanup crew, but there's something else. He waves over a commando, who leads a diminutive prisoner over to them, and removes the mask to reveal... Claire. Nathan and ZI exchange dark looks, and Nathan orders her cuffs removed. She woozily breathes that she hates him, and he'll never get away with this, but he leads her toward a waiting car and tells her whether she eventually forgives him or not, she needs to go home and forget everything she's just seen. She's still defiant, so he goes on that he's given her a free pass. "Don't make me change my mind." I wouldn't blame her for that, Nathan. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you've changed your mind about various issues -- your plan, your political affiliation, your sexual orientation -- ten times since this scene started. He loads Claire in and whispers some instructions to the driver, and they take off. When they're gone, the chain gang gets forced-marched onto the plane...

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