A Clear And Present Danger

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Crash Course

...but in the car, Claire quickly shakes off her grogginess (if the writers intended that to happen quicker than normal because of her power, good on them) and kicks the driver in the head HARD, knocking him out. The car stops (hard to see if Claire hit the brakes herself or it just ran out of momentum) and Claire shakes off the rest of her constraints and hops out, seeing the plane rolling slowly forward. As we intercut with some shots of Nathan in the hangar, she runs to the plane and hops into one of the wheel bays right before it takes off...

...and inside, commandos keep watch over the prisoners, who are all strapped into seats. One of them is wearing gloves, so that's got to be Tracy. A hatch door opens near the prisoners, and Claire pops through, unnoticed by the commandos. Tensely, she makes it over to one of the prisoners and takes off his mask to find Hiro. After removing his IV and then replacing his mask, she moves on, and I'd imagine she heard about him losing his powers, but it would be funnier if she just decided to try someone more historically competent. Urgently aware that her time is probably running out, she gets another mask off -- and finds Peter. She succeeds in rousing him, but when she tells him they need to break his shackles, he groggily says he doesn't have the strength. However, when he looks next to him, he sees a dark-skinned hand and breathes Mohinder's surname. The solution to his predicament comes, and he tells Claire to get Mohinder's IV out, because presumably he needs his power to be active in order to absorb it. Once Mohinder's at all awake, he and Peter reach their fingers to each other, and when they touch, Mohinder's power flows into Peter. I rightly made fun of the religious overtones last chapter, but this one I think wasn't intentional. Anyway, Peter uses his absorbed super-strength to break his bonds, and as he goes to town on the guards, Claire gets to work unmasking and de-drugging everyone -- Hiro, Tracy, Matt, and some woman I don't recognize. Peter knocks a taser loose from the guard with whom he's fighting, and after Claire picks it up, he tells her to go to the cockpit. She complies...

...and after incapacitating another guard, she moves to the pilot, threatening him with the taser as she tells him they're going to make an unscheduled landing. She turns to the co-pilot... and it's Bennet. It's a big situation and every moment counts, but I can't say I blame her for taking a moment to gape in shock.

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