A Clear And Present Danger

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Peter's still tossing guards around left and right, but when he tries to free an as-yet-still-masked prisoner (could this be the Missing Memphis Mutant?), he accidentally touches Tracy's hand and absorbs her power -- and it seems that in the new version, he can only hold one power at a time. Clever way to make Peter a Hero again, him being all-powerful, and also explains why he doesn't just fly safely away. Now if they'd only figure something out for Sylar, we'd be in business. Anyway, without the super-strength, Peter gets his ass kicked, and when he's tossed to the side, his hand freezes out a portion of the wall. And I give Ventimiglia a lot of crap, but the "Houston, we have a problem" look on his face as he realizes what's about to happen is pretty awesome. He just manages to grab onto something before the wall blows out, sending some of the guards and cargo out into the night. The pilot calls for help as everyone hangs on...

...and the sound fades into the ironic dreamy theme music. The masked mutant's chair breaks free of the wall and gets sucked into the night as well as we see everyone's silent screams of terror. The netting to which Peter is hanging on breaks off, and he starts to fly away as well -- but Mohinder, who's used his strength to free himself, grabs him and hangs on to the wall for both their lives. As the plane heads for the ground, Peter starts to lose his grip on Mohinder's hand... and that's all until next week. But I'm sure Greg Grunberg hopes this works out better for him than last time.

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