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The Circle of Life
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Well, here we are again. Another week, another bad episode of Heroes. I really hope that trend will end soon, and we'll get our old Heroes back. Then again, I've been hoping that for more than two seasons now, so my hopes aren't exactly high. So, previously: Nathan can't remember his life, because HE'S NOT NATHAN. Angela thinks it's a midlife crisis, but then Nathan starts finding Sylar's powers. Bennett becomes Peter's mentor, telling him not to become a lonely man like him. Then they found a compass, which eventually showed up as a tattoo on Peter's arm. Hiro went back in time and made his sister Kimiko love Ando, and decided his new mission would be to go back in time and undo the things he's messed up (the opposite of his old mission of never changing anything in the past again). Tracy and Bennett become friends, because he thinks they both want the same thing: redemption. But she actually wants to go back to her old life of overpaid lobbyists, and... zzzzzzzzz. Sorry. I fell asleep. Something about Tracy makes me bored more than any other character on this show. And that's saying something.

We open on a sponge sitting on the ledge of a bathtub. I would try to see it as a symbol for something -- the precariousness of sitting on that narrow ledge, or its ability to soak up what it touches -- but this show isn't known for its subtle symbolism, so I'll move on. The faucet drips into a tub of blue water that has the "Chapter Three: Acceptance" chyron floating in it. Then the water from the tub runs out onto the ground and turns into Tracy. So, I guess she bathes in herself, because now she's wearing a towel. She goes through her closet to find something sexy to wear, puts on pink lip gloss, high heels, and then heads out -- all the while, Imogen Heap sings "Bad Body Double". Tracy struts into a restaurant, where she unzips her jacket to show the governor just how sexy she is. He gets up and greets her, and she tells him she's back. He's not as upset about this as I was when I found out about it.

Yamagato Industries, Tokyo. Kimiko wants to talk to Hiro about how they've never been close because she's always taken things more seriously, but she'd like that to change now that they're adults. He wonders why now, and she says because she and Ando are getting married. Hiro says, "So soon?!" But she's like, "Um, no, we've been dating since high school, idiot." He's all, "Right." He tells her he's happy for her, and then she asks him to give her away at the wedding. He says it would be his honor. Ando's typing something in Japanese and we clearly see it turns 11:00 as he does so. Oh, and I have no idea what he's typing or what it says, but we see this screen enough times that if I could read Japanese, I'm sure I'd have it memorized. Kimiko tells him that Hiro said yes, and then Ando lectures Hiro because he might be dead by the time of their wedding. Hiro's not ready to tell Kimiko that yet, though. Instead, he wants to keep traveling through time trying to fix things he's messed up. But then the Dial-A-Hero line rings. It's someone calling from the roof of the building Hiro's in. He heads to the roof.

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