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The guy who sometimes voices over the previouslies is back. Considering everything he tells us is then explicitly depicted in the scenes shown, I'm not sure why they bothered. On the other hand, anyone who chose to skip the first four episodes should be rewarded for such foresight. But as I said in the recaplet, this episode is a big improvement, not least because Peter's in it for only about fifteen seconds. Onward!

Nathan's awake as he spoons the sleeping Tracy in her bed, and apparently some people on the show are listening to some degree, because Mohinder's voiceover has been replaced by one by Nathan. Either that, or Mohinder is too unruly to get into the recording studio now that he's a spider. Nathan talks about getting touched by God and second chances and purposes and it's repetitive and boring, so know that the VO goes on in this vein as we see a replay of Peter materializing and grabbing Sylar, and considering we saw this not only at the end of last episode but also IN THE PREVIOUSLIES LIKE TWO SECONDS AGO, they could have cut this part out. In her car, Claire shows us some sort of weapon before putting it away in her jacket, and then we get another replay, this one of Adam grabbing Hiro by the throat. That one I could stand to watch a few more times. We see Mohinder sitting in a wooded park, watching someone shiftily, as Nathan concludes by wondering if God, or he, knows what he is. "Am I an angel, or a monster? A hero, or a villain?" Given that the next shot is of Nathan in a tight v-neck, I know which one I'm going with. He stumbles to the refrigerator, and when he opens it, we see a chyron with the episode title on the door; then, we switch angles to the other side, so when he shuts the door, it reveals Linderman standing there. He doesn't even flinch, which is impressive, merely holding the milk out (hmm, drinking milk, just like Mohinder. Probably a coincidence, but what is he, twelve?) and offering Linderman a drink. Linderman doesn't react, so Nathan gets all "Ah HA" about the whole thing, saying that Linderman isn't really there. Nathan catches the viewing audience up some more on the events of last episode by way of asking for "some straight answers," and Linderman suggests that his timely rescue of Tracy was due to guidance from a higher power. Nathan is skeptical that Linderman is a messenger from God, but Linderman babbles about the burning bush and the Virgin Mary and Samuel and man, between the previouslies and this boring scene I sure was surprised that this episode ended up being worth watching. Linderman wraps it up: "God resides within. The answers will come." Tracy then calls from behind Nathan, and when he turns, Linderman is gone. Tracy uncertainly asks Nathan who he was talking to, and his response is nobody. "Just clearing my head." Tracy looks at him like, "Could you maybe do so by taking a walk or doing some yoga? Or anything that's not certifiable?"

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