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...and then outside her office, he tells Tracy they should go see Mohinder, who understands all this stuff and is "harmless"...

...which of course is the cue to cut to Mohinder putting the finishing touches on Maya's cocoon. I wonder how he's producing all that material? It'd be funny if he just felt like he should be cocooning people and bought the supplies at an art store. Now that I think about it, the things do look suspiciously like papier-mâché.

Merry-Go-Round Of Broken Families. Claire calls out for Canfield, saying she talked to her dad, and finds him sitting despondently in one of the seats. He tells her his family never showed up, and she's right -- they're afraid of him. Not that he isn't acting the shit out of this, but... he couldn't have tried another phone call? He gets up and walks with her so they can frame the next shot, and wonders if he is a MONSTER, and then behind him, Bennet appears and puts a gun to the back of his head. "Couldn't put it better." Claire's aghast at this betrayal, and it only gets worse when Bennet offers Canfield a deal -- Sylar is standing by the car about twenty yards away, and if Canfield will zap him into oblivion, he'll let him go. Canfield is understandably confused, and then we cut to Sylar, who's watching this go down quizzically. I think it would have been interesting if Sylar had heard all this and chose to let it play out, figuring it would drive a wedge between Claire and her dad, but as it is it just seems like the writers have completely forgotten about Sylar's super-hearing, which is annoying. Claire tells Canfield he doesn't have to do this, and he agrees he's not a killer, but Bennet says that Sylar is, and he needs to be destroyed. Obviously, Bennet doesn't see using both Canfield and Claire in this manner is arguably worse than anything Sylar's ever done, but that's part of what makes it interesting -- this is the most character-driven, believable subplot the show's come up with in quite some time. Canfield turns and begs for an out, but Bennet tells Claire he's doing this for them, and for what Sylar did to them. Sylar's still standing there wondering what's going on as Canfield cries that "you people" have taken everything from him. Bennet tells him one last time to do it, but as Sylar starts to approach, Canfield says he won't be a MONSTER, and over Claire's cry of "NO!" he opens a vortex and sucks himself through before it closes. That was chilling. Really great work. Once he's gone, Bennet looks thrown, and Claire stares at her dad in disbelief.

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