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Back at the now-empty bar, Hiro and Ando bemoan their latest setback. Hiro says they're in a slump, but Ando asks if he's kidding: "We are the worst heroes ever." I think you and Peter are still in a horse race, but the point is taken. Hiro says they can't afford to lose heart, but Ando sighs, "At least it can't get any worse." I wonder if these two grow tired of these call-and-response bits. They do seem to get the bulk of them. Anyway, this is Daphne and Knox's cue to appear. Knox (possibly at Linderman's order?) told Daphne that Hiro and Ando were looking to join up with them, but she doesn't believe "those goody-two-shoes" would be into that. Hiro and Ando, though, go with Knox on the fly, saying that they're "bad asses" now and want in on what they're doing. Daphne playfully says they have to prove themselves, but things take an unexpected turn when Knox, after ascertaining that Hiro's the one with the powers, takes a sword off the wall and instructs Hiro to kill Ando with it, as he has no abilities and is no good to them. "You kill him, you are badass." You're also dead to me, but that's probably not much of a concern. Daphne doesn't look too thrilled about this but decides to let it play out, and Ando's eyes go wide as Hiro stands in front of him and apologizes. "I must make some sacrifices to save the world." With that, he unceremoniously stabs Ando right in the heart, eliciting a horrified gasp from Daphne and an appreciative smile from Knox, and then Ando, wide-eyed with disbelief, says Hiro's name before falling to the ground. It's too bad he expired before he could add, "And you were such a pissypantsed little bitch about me killing you in a vision?

Claire and Bennet pull up to their house, and Bennet, in a conciliatory tone, says they'll talk more when he gets home. I'd guess "more" in this case means "at all," because I'd imagine Claire didn't even open her mouth to exhale on the ride home. Backing me up, Claire starts to get out without a word, but Bennet stops her by saying he knows she's disappointed, but he did what he had to do, for them. The camera pans right, and for the first time, we see Sylar is sitting in the back seat. Nice. He tells Bennet that Claire doesn't believe him. "Claire finally sees you for what you are. A user. Isn't that right, Claire? You used her to try to find that poor man, and you used him to try to kill me, because to you, I'm nothing but a MONSTER." That pretty much sums things up, so I expect we'll be seeing this clip in the previouslies for weeks to come. Sylar wraps up by telling Claire that Bennet doesn't see their humanity, and he never will. Claire gets out, with Bennet, who can't afford to let Sylar have the last word, following and saying that Sylar is a deranged sociopath and a killer. He goes on that everything he does is to protect the family, and asks her to tell him she understands. After a pause that's way too long to inspire confidence, Claire says she does, and Bennet pulls her into an embrace. "It's all gonna be okay. I promise." Well, at least he didn't tell her to trust him again, but it's not like this is much more believable.

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