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Inside, Claire greets Sandra with much more enthusiasm than she had for her dad, and Sandra, after the preliminaries about being worried and grounding the shit out of her ass, says she's just glad Meredith found her. This was an effective "Oh, CRAP" moment for me, because it had been so long since she took off to find Claire...

...but we cut to her now, as the ostensible Eric Doyle is asking her if she's enjoying her dinner. Meredith looks like she's had more enjoyable experiences at the gynecologist, but takes a bite in unison with Doyle as we get our first view of him, and he looks pretty much like a stubbly blowfish. He asks her for a kiss, and when she tells him to go to hell, he makes a little hand gesture that shuts her mouth. Forget flying -- that's the power I'd want. He stands, tilts his head, and leans forward -- and she stiffly mimics his movements, almost like a puppet, and I may have enjoyed Farscape a lot but this is still freaking me out. Luckily, he doesn't drag the (closed-mouth) kiss out, but a wider shot lets us see the room is littered with what looks like puppets and -- even worse -- clowns. I hope no one ever again questions Meredith's love for Claire, now that they've seen her be willing to endure this.

Moving on to a scene that's only marginally less creepy, Mama Petrelli is sitting at her office desk when her eyes flutter closed. No sooner have they done so, however, than we hear a scream, which awakens her with a violent start. When we cut to the hallway in which she had her last terrible vision, she opens the door, and Tracy is lying on the floor, dead from a neck wound. Mama Petrelli gapes, and then her vision cuts to the side, where she sees Nathan, sitting up but also dead, from what looks like Sylar (or Peter) having cut his head open. She walks forward, and then sees Peter with his hands covered in blood, so we're meant to think he killed them, as Mama Petrelli does, but he then falls down dead, and we see a pipe buried in the back of his head, and that was also unexpected and very nicely done. You'd think things couldn't get any worse for Mama Petrelli, but when she turns, she gasps in abject horror and says it can't be as a man she obviously recognizes is standing before her. He tells her she can see the future, and he can't have that. She tries to steel herself as she says she'll stop him, but he puts a bloody hand on her shoulder and demurs: "Don't be ridiculous. You won't even be able to move." That still sounds better than the puppets. We flash to the ring on his finger, and then close in on Mama Petrelli's eye...

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