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He's Alive, I Tells Ya! ALIVE!

...and then she's back at her desk, seemingly only able to move her eyes. I hope someone else knows how to get Peter out of that coma. Except for the part where I totally, totally don't.

Daphne superzips up to the Pinehearst building, and after she looks around a bit, suddenly Linderman is behind her asking if she completed her task. She tells him that everyone's on board, but expresses her distaste for what happened with Ando. He blows off her concern, even using the phrase "No pain, no gain," and the thought of Malcolm McDowell as a sports coach isn't really working for me, so let's move on to the part where he tells her she has to recruit one more person -- Matt. Well, if you offer him a ride out of that desert, I think he'll do pretty much anything. Linderman tells Daphne what Matt can do, although he doesn't mention his telepathy, instead focusing on his other ability: "He can make you see things that aren't there." Daphne's like, speaking of which, I can sneak up on anyone -- but not you. She swings a hand at Linderman, which simply goes through him, and crows that she knew it -- he's not really there. Linderman chooses not to explain, telling her just to bring him Matt, and Daphne sighs that she doesn't really have a choice, which doesn't seem clear to me but I've only got two minutes left here. She walks away, looks back to find Linderman gone, and then superzips out of there -- but once she's gone, she sees a man appear from around a corner -- Maury Parkman. I figured this was coming at some point from Mama Petrelli's vision, although now that I think about it, it seems odd that she didn't make a bigger deal of it, what with him being an ElderHero and all. On the other hand, she had Adam released herself, so who knows what the hell she's thinking. Maury heads inside...

...to a chamber that's set up like a hospital room, in which a medical type watches over a man in an ornate bed who's hooked up to all kinds of respiratory tubes. Maury tells the bed's occupant that the team is coming together, and from the focus on the man's eye, we're meant to know he's communicating telepathically. Maury goes on that he caused Nathan to see visions of Linderman, just like he asked. "Now he thinks he's doing God's work." I like this better than it being Linderman himself, but here's a question: Who healed Nathan, if Linderman wasn't actually there? Anyway, we see from the ring the man's wearing that he's Mama Petrelli's attacker as Maury goes on that they're building an army, and Knox reported he'd have Adam there by the next day. Maury wraps up by assuring the man everything's under control. "Whatever you say goes, Mr. Petrelli." That's right -- we get a good look at Papa Petrelli, alive and conscious, before the card comes up: "To be continued..." For the first time in a while, I'm happy that's the case!

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