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Out in the park, Mohinder accosts a dude out of nowhere and asks him what he's got. The guy does not go through the usual weed-out-the-cops precautions due to time constraints, instead asking Mohinder what he needs. After a bit of back and forth, he becomes aware that Mohinder is, if you'll excuse the expression, bugging, and draws a knife, but Mohinder easily overpowers him and says he doesn't need his drugs. "I need you." I'll point out that gay sex has not yet been ruled out.

Speaking of which, we replay part of that scene YET AGAIN as Sylar tells Peter he's just like him, but from a different camera angle -- this time we can see Mama Petrelli come into view through the window. After Sylar calls him "brother," Peter yells in denial and snaps Sylar's neck. Mama Petrelli comes rushing in, which is really silly since she knows Sylar's in no actual danger, and she barely has time to tell Peter to stop before he reaches out a hand and immobilizes her, just like he did Future Nathan. She tells him he doesn't know what he's doing, but he points out that she never told him Sylar was his brother, and wonders what other secrets she's keeping. She looks truly terrified as he threatens to cut open her head and extract them himself. Again overwhelmed by Sylar's power, he raises a finger and starts to do just that, but Mama Petrelli's bloodcurdling screams are enough to get Sylar to his feet, and after he wrenches his neck on straight (nice effect there), he TKs Peter into the glass, knocking him out. Another little bit I wouldn't mind watching again. And again. Sylar rushes over to his mother and, with genuine concern, asks if she's all right, and she says she is, even though Peter did draw some blood. Sylar then asks after Peter, and Mama Petrelli, presumably referring to his battle against the hunger, says she'll make sure he's okay. She goes to his side, leaving Sylar to see Bennet appear through the broken window and silently beckon to him. Sylar exits, and Bennet tells him they have a lead on a new target. Sylar disbelievingly asks if Bennet wants him to accompany him, and Bennet replies, "Don't make this harder than it already is." Heh. He walks off, and Sylar, with a look back into the cell, follows.

Costa Verde. Sandra is urgently looking through her husband's files when Meredith appears and asks what's up. Sandra disgustedly says there was no cheerleading retreat, and Claire isn't answering her phone. She berates herself for falling for Claire's ruse, and speculates that she's gone after one of the villains. Pointing out Claire's invulnerability, Meredith isn't too worried until Sandra produces the file of a "Steven Canfield," who apparently can create vortexes and make people disappear forever. Does he take requests? This gets Meredith's attention, but she gets ten times more freaked when she comes across a picture of a bald, bearded guy she recognizes. She says they'd better hope Claire didn't go after this "Eric Doyle," who's a horrible man. "You don't even want to know." People have been overusing that statement on this show lately, but I've seen the rest of the episode and she's all kinds of right. Meredith says that he doesn't live far from them, and she's going to start there. Sandra volunteers to go with her, but Meredith won't hear of it, and gratuitously demonstrates her power to make her point. And she does have a point, but I still think Sandra and Mr. Muggles are a one-two punch that can't be stopped. Sandra focuses in on the picture of Canfield...

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