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He's Alive, I Tells Ya! ALIVE!

...and we cut to the man himself, who's in a now-empty house on the phone with his sister-in-law, desperately trying to find out where his family is. She refuses to tell him and hangs up, though, and in frustration, he opens a vortex and sucks some papers and other crap into it before it quickly closes. This guy could hire himself out as a maid and retire within a year. (By the way, Canfield is played by Andre Royo, whom viewers of The Wire will remember as Bubbles.) Canfield then hears footsteps, and asks if someone's there. He steps forward, but an angle switch reveals to us that Claire is behind him holding her weapon. Claire tells him she's behind him, and it turns out she's holding a taser, which emits a high-pitched whine and then spits out an electrical charge that sends Canfield twitching to the ground. Claire smiles and gloats, "Gotcha," and even the title card is like, "Honey, please."

Hiro manages to choke out that he needs Adam's help, and Adam asks the reasonable question of why he would help Hiro, given that he buried him alive. Hiro, however, chooses to answer simply by squinting out his Number Two Face, after which Adam is back in the closed coffin. This deft nonverbal parry, however, is followed up by a tiresome conversation about how Adam killed Kaito and he's a VILLAIN but Hiro's a HERO and heroes must take RISKS to SAVE the WORLD, and I'd be totally bored were it not for the fact that Adam has been keeping up a steady stream of invective toward Hiro and continuous knocking on the inside of the coffin. David Anders just totally rules. Hiro calls in that he'll give Adam another chance if he behaves, and the knocking ceases and Adam singsongs, "Okay!" Hee. Hiro zaps Adam back out, and as soon as he mentions the formula, Adam laughs at The Company's predicament. "Even I told them to destroy it." Ando asks if, then, he knows who would steal it, and Adam slyly says maybe, but asks what's in it for him if he tells them. Hiro: "When we finish our mission, I promise to put you in a more special cell." If that's indicative of Hiro's negotiating skills, it's just as well he's not actively running his dad's company. Adam tells them to forget it, but when Hiro makes to put him back, Adam asks him to wait, and spits that he's a "Japanese Nazi." Hiro's like, "I should really argue this point, but this episode has five hundred scenes and we're already over our time quota, so I'll let it go." Adam suggests Mama Petrelli as the thief, but when he learns that she gave them their assignment, he tells them he's out of ideas. Hiro zaps him back into the coffin, which shouldn't be funny but it's David Anders so it totally is, and Adam calls from within that he knows how to find the big villain. "I have a plan!" Hiro gets excited at the word "plan," even though every time he uses it the world gets closer to extinction. Ando looks more skeptical, because he is the brains of the outfit.

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