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Establishing shot of a building marked "Pinehearst," and the logo of the double helix next to the name is rather suggestive, no? Inside, Linderman asks Daphne how she feels about recruiting, and Daphne's reply is unfortunately not "Don't get the wrong idea from my hair." Instead, she asks for clarification, and Linderman replies that it would be on behalf of "an organization for a new world order." He goes on that they could live in a world where people like her are embraced and their gifts acknowledged and respected, and Daphne's fine with that as long as she keeps getting paid. In other words: This entire conversation is completely unnecessary. If the show asked whether that was true in every scene, it would be more exciting. And a lot shorter. Linderman instructs her to invite people like her to join them, and gestures to a stack of files in front of him. "Everything you need to know is right here." It'd be pretty funny if the first one contained a conditioner ad. I mean, Linderman's hair is pretty spiky, but I think even he has his limits. But no, the files actually contain pictures of Knox and Mohinder, and after a quick look at the attendant information about them, Daphne concludes that they're some pretty nasty people. "I don't like getting my hands dirty." Linderman has rarely looked shiftier as he says that they've merely lost their way. "It's time for us to give them purpose." Daphne stares like she's trying to look through him, which will make more sense later.

Sylar's eatin' an apple and fiddling with the radio when Bennet snaps it off: "Just... sit." Sylar doesn't respond "Okay, Dad," which I only recommend in his case because he's immortal. Bennet tells Sylar that this was all Mama Petrelli's idea, and he would have left Sylar to rot. Sylar tells him that rehabilitation doesn't happen overnight, and he is trying, which is kind of evidenced by the fact that Bennet is, you know, STILL ALIVE. Bennet, however, feigns a gentle tone and says he understands. "Killing is just in your nature." If among Sylar's many purloined powers is an Irony Detector, it should be going off just about now. (By the way, you really need to read Jack Coleman's blog about filming this scene -- it's hilarious.)

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