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Canfield shakily gets to his feet as Claire keeps the taser on him and tells him she's bringing him back to Level 5. I don't mean to denigrate her efforts, but... how is she going to do that, logistically? Does she have restraints of any kind with her? Or is she just going to make him drive? Anyway, these fascinating questions are rendered moot, as after Canfield tells her he just made one mistake and for that got locked away for two years without even getting to say goodbye to his family, he opens a vortex and sucks the taser into oblivion. Claire's face: "Whoops!"

Mohinder drags the drug dealer, who's either unconscious or dead, into his lab, not particularly caring that he bangs the guy's head on every step of the interior staircase, which leaves a profuse trail of blood from the stairs to the room at the back of the place. Mohinder slaps the guy up on a gurney, and then pulls up the back of his shirt and takes a look in the mirror, which reveals that something is definitely sprouting out of his back. And while it looks arachnid, I have the feeling a cute pig called Wilbur is not going to factor into this storyline. Just then, we hear the front door close, and Maya call Mohinder's name, so he rushes out to greet her. They embrace, but then he notices the flyer she got off his door declaring his abusive neighbor missing. Actually, given that Mohinder beat the guy up, you'd think the police would have been by to question him, but maybe his girlfriend finally broke out of that stereotype and realized she was onto a good thing here. Mohinder changes the subject, saying the next stage in his research could be the answer to taking away her ability. She turns away, which seems odd, but if there were any time for her to develop a Spidey sense, it's now. (Oh, come on, you were thinking it.) He nuzzles her neck from behind, but she freaks out for real when she sees the blood on the floor, although she covers competently, saying she should let him get back to work and make herself scarce. When she's gone, Mohinder heads to the back room and puts the flyer on his desk, from which we pan up... to see the guy cocooned against the wall. And while I derided, the abuser storyline last episode as hopelessly clich├ęd, I'll admit that I've never seen it end quite like this.

Now that Claire has been taken down a peg or eight, Canfield tells her The Company has things wrong -- he never meant to hurt anyone. Claire's phone then rings, and he asks if it's her partner calling. When she tells him she doesn't have one, he recites the "one of us, one of them" rule, but then realizes she's not with The Company. He then produces a Pinehearst card and asks if she's with them, which is interesting, but when she denies involvement with them as well, he asks who she is and how she knows about him. She skips to the second question, saying she read his file and he killed a man, but he swears it was an accident. He tells her he got into an argument with his neighbor that got heated, and the next thing he knew, he was gone. Hey, cheer up -- maybe the vortexes send you someplace awesome, like Tahiti! It's not like anyone would come back if that were the case. Canfield's voice breaks as he says he never meant to hurt the guy, but The Company locked him away without a lawyer or a trial, and he just wants to see his wife and children again, even if it's for the last time. Claire's resolve is weakening, and Canfield administers the coup de grace: "I just want to be normal." From Buffy Summers to Veronica Mars, no teenaged television heroine has been able to resist the clarion call of those words. On top of that, Canfield offers to let Claire go, but she uncomfortably replies, "Maybe I can help." Unlike some other similarly-intentioned people on the show, she might actually do that!

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