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Tracy and Nathan are getting dressed, and after some initial resistance, he gets her to admit the reason she tried to kill herself, which was guilt over The Greatest American Reporter's death, the circumstances of which she recounts. Nathan rather blandly opines that it was an accident, like he was so chill when a miscue of his caused his wife's paralysis, and urgently tries to make her see that turning herself in isn't a good idea. He tells her how he was going to let the world know about his power and even called a press conference for that purpose, but he got shot. "I died. And then I saw God. And I truly believe with all my heart that he's got a higher purpose for us." Tracy is incredulous that Nathan thinks their powers came from above, and tells him that hers were courtesy of "a doctor in Reseda, California." Come on, you don't have to tell people where that is! Everyone knows the lyrics to "Free Fallin'," right? Anyway, Nathan looks constipated. I wonder if it's all the milk.

Claire gives Canfield a number for his wife she found in his Company file, and he thanks her for everything before making the call. He gets her on the phone, and emotionally tells her he needs to see her as Claire smiles beatifically. He barely can set a rendezvous, though, before the phone cuts off and Bennet appears, gun drawn. Bennet and Claire are both thunderstruck, and of course when Canfield learns that Claire is Bennet's daughter, he thinks he's been betrayed, so he grabs her as a shield just as Sylar enters and bellows at him to let go of her. Claire asks what the hell Sylar is doing there, and then apologizes to Canfield, who tells her it's not over yet. "Hold on to something." Awwww yeah. He opens a vortex in the floor that's way more powerful than anything we've seen from him so far (I should add that the vortex effects look awesome and are very scary) and escapes as everyone, even Sylar, holds on to pillars and random furniture for dear life. Claire is fighting a losing battle from the beginning, though, and eventually lets go -- only to be grabbed in the nick of time by Sylar. He may be changing his spots, but he sure loves to drag it out until the very last second. Claire stares hatefully at Sylar, and Bennet's impotent expression of terror sends us into the commercial break.

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