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When we return, Sylar only has to hang on for a few more seconds before the vortex closes up, causing Claire to fall flat on her face. She looks at Sylar balefully, which seems like an overreaction given the immediate circumstances, but she's probably still pissed about the brain thing. Teenagers can hold such grudges. Sylar asks if she's okay, and Claire makes me giggle with her petulant response: "Peachy." Bennet pulls Claire into an unreturned embrace, and then Sylar, who went out to check outside, returns and says Canfield is gone. Bennet turns to Claire and asks where Canfield was going, and he at least sounds like he knows he needs to tread somewhat lightly here as he says Canfield is dangerous, but Claire responds that he isn't, and who is he to talk anyway, having brought Sylar here? Sylar steps forward and apologizes, saying when he touched her, he could feel the pain he caused her, but Bennet gets all Protecto-Dad and tells him he doesn't get to talk to her. "Ever." Nice try, Bennet, but in a couple episodes they're going to be IMing about how you just don't understand them. You should see the emoticon they're going to pick out for you! Claire desperately tells Bennet that Canfield isn't a killer -- he's just having problems, like she did, only he has no one to help him like Bennet helped her. Bennet puts on his kindest, most fatherly face as he tells Claire just to let him talk to Canfield, and if what she says is true, he'll make other arrangements. "You can trust me, Claire. I wouldn't send anybody to Level 5 that doesn't belong there." Claire looks pointedly at Sylar, which suggests that on some level she doesn't believe Bennet even now, but tells him Canfield is at the Griffith Park carousel. You can only play the "you can trust me" card while baldly lying once, Bennet. I hope it's worth it.

Adam leads Hiro and Ando into a saloon (well, it's got the swinging doors, anyway) and Hiro gets shirty: "This is your plan? Go to a bar?" You... have met him, right? Adam says he hasn't had a drink in months, and "they make a mean appletini." Hearing David Anders say "mean appletini" is one of life's sublime pleasures. Now if they can just get him to say "nitro-burning funny cars," my life will be complete. (In the British accent, of course -- he does it so well.) Hiro threatens coffin time again, but Adam explains that the bar is the place to contract "specials," and since they know Daphne was hired, it seems like a good place to find a lead. Adam tells them to try to look tough while straightening Hiro's tie like he knows that's not happening, but Hiro gets the last laugh when Ando tries to stand all puffy-chested and broad-shouldered and stiff-armed, and he tells him, "He said took tough. Not like Mr. Roboto." That made me laugh, Hiro. Domo arigato. Adam jauntily tries to order a drink, but when the bartender, who looks like something Dian Fossey would have loved to hang out with, turns to face him, we quickly learn that Adam slept with his wife. And given that the bartender is about a foot taller than Adam and twice as wide, I think it's fair to say that the wife doesn't have a type. The guy hops the bar and swings at Adam, who ducks, leaving Hiro to get knocked out instead. Oh, Hiro. Just because you were told to act tough doesn't mean dodging a punch is off the table. Speaking of judicious avoidance, Adam runs for his life (so to speak) as Ando tries to get Hiro to wake up, even playing with his eyes to try to get him to freeze time, which is funnier than it has any right to be. Anyway, without Hiro there to control him, Adam is gone.

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