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Mama Petrelli is standing over Peter, who's unconscious and strapped to a gurney, just like Sylar a few episodes ago, which seems obviously fitting. Nathan and Tracy enter, and Mama Petrelli tells Nathan she had to put Peter in a medically-induced coma, and then explains what happened before telling him they're in trouble and looking appraisingly at Tracy. Nathan kneels by Peter's side as he introduces her, but Mama Petrelli says she knows who she is, why she's come, and even that she saw Zimmerman. Pull up a chair, Tracy -- you could be there a while. She says if that's true, Mama Petrelli can help her, but Mama Petrelli breezily tells her Zimmerman's work was classified. Tracy threatens to go public, and Nathan asks his mother what she's hiding. She considers for a moment, and then confesses that Zimmerman was instrumental in developing "synthetic abilities" -- a technology they used experimentally on a number of infants, including Tracy, Niki, and Barbara -- and Nathan as well. Peter's like, "Damn, bro, I wish I could open my eyes to see the look on your face."

Maya has returned to the lab, alone, because she is dumb, and quickly checks out the back room and is appropriately horrified to discover what her boyfriend has been up to in his spare time. She's then startled to learn that the abuser neighbor is still alive, and tries to cut away his bonds, but she barely gets started before she hears the front door signaling Mohinder's return. It's odd that he seems to have lost the sensitivity to the sun with which he was struggling, as it's day now and was the same when he attacked the dude in the park, but I suppose the lighting guys have a tough enough job on this show as it is. Mohinder doesn't seem to realize there's anything off until he enters the back room and sees the chair Maya was standing on still next to the abuser guy. He examines the cocoon closely, sees the damage, and starts walking gingerly around. A lower angle shows that Maya is hiding under the room's only cover -- the gurney in the middle, which now has a large white sheet over it. I agree that the room needed some sprucing up, but I might have started with the half-dead bodies stuck to the wall. Or maybe some tapestries! Anyway, Maya can't take it anymore and starts to cry her black tears, causing Mohinder to double over in pain. The abuser guy's eyes go black too, and Mohinder manages to toss away the table and tell her to control her power. "You don't want to be a killer again, do you?" Well, given that no one seems to be coming along with a giant shoe to save her, I'm not clear that she has any choice. Oh, wait, she does -- KEEP HIM AT BAY WITH YOUR TEARS AND RUN THE HELL OUT OF THERE! But she doesn't, merely ceasing her attack, then getting to her feet and calling him a MONSTER. Mohinder amusingly cocks his head to one side: "I wish you hadn't said that." He advances on her, and we get the commercial break to contemplate how mind-numbingly stupid she is. I'm not sure it will be enough time.

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