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Hiro, holding his jaw, rushes outside with Ando to the alley behind the bar or wherever and bemoans the fact that Adam is gone. Ando tells him they should look around, so they do, but after they pass a dumpster without checking it out, Adam pops his head up, quietly jumps out, and starts to head the other way with a satisfied smile, which is Knox's cue to pop out from behind another receptacle and wipe the smirk off his face with his fist. Hiro and Ando have apparently gone deaf, as they hear none of this, which allows Knox to get the unconscious Adam into his rape van. (Come on, the thing has drapes on the windows!) I knew Hiro's hearing was very selective, what with him ignoring anything sensible he's ever been told to do, but I didn't know Ando suffered from the same condition. Once Adam's stowed away, Knox calls someone and reports success, and then asks what he should do about "the two Japanese guys." Well, it looked like there was a lot of room in the rape van, but Knox may not want to drive and listen to that at the same time.

In Mama Petrelli's office, Nathan and Tracy are examining some records of what happened to them, and Nathan breathes, "It wasn't God." Thanks for keeping up. Mama Petrelli pipes up that they were trying to be better than God, which does nothing to brighten Nathan's mood. She goes on that Papa Petrelli was disappointed Nathan wasn't born with abilities, but they thought because of his lineage, his system could handle the formula. Tracy asks what about her, then, and Mama Petrelli admits that what The Company did to her was wrong, and that's why they divided the formula and hid it so it would never happen again. Doesn't explain why they didn't simply destroy it (as Adam even pointed out earlier), as I complained about once before, and until they do I can't help but think this plotline makes no sense. Not that I haven't gotten used to that, but she did bring it up. Tracy is still on about the dead guy, and at this point it's starting to get boring, but Mama Petrelli asks for her help, as "they" want to restart the project, and fill the world with dangerous and deadly people. "They will destroy everything." She turns her plea for help to Nathan, but his dark eyes and clenched jaw tell her to go to hell. She doesn't give up, explaining that Peter sacrificed himself by taking Sylar's ability because he knows what's going to happen to the world. Him going around cutting everyone's head open probably isn't going to help the state of things, but what did you expect from Peter? Nathan is unmoved, however, pointing out what she's done to her own children, and wondering who else among her own flesh and blood she used as guinea pigs. From her silence, it seems like he's not the only one, and he storms out as she impotently calls his name...

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