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Previously: This show was good, and then it sucked. This season, it really, really sucked. Take this for example: The Ambiguously Gay Duo (Sylar and Peter) are locked inside Sylar's nightmare, which is an empty New York City. Peter needed Sylar to wake the eff up and save Emma. Hiro loved Charlie, but Samuel trapped her somewhere in time. Hiro was tried by his father and Adam Monroe, then his mother healed him. Samuel had Damien show Claire her dad's past. She was sad, but didn't turn on her dad, so Samuel locked them in a trailer underground. Then he told Eli they were going to New York to show the world what they really are.

Now: We pick up exactly where we left off. In fact, we relive the entire last scene of the previous episode, in which Claire uses her phone's light long enough to get a look around, and HRG thinks they're buried 40 or 50 feet down. If only we could ignore this whole storyline since it never amounts to anything. But instead, we (and by "we," I mean "I") will have to suffer through it for two-thirds of the episode. When HRG and Claire are yelling "Hello, can anybody hear us?" the camera pans up through the dirt onto Lauren, who's walking around wondering where the hell everyone went, probably. Title card. We also relive the Peter and Sylar basement scene, but this time we also see Parkman rifling through his fridge upstairs. Because, remember? He has been a chef for all of two seconds. He's surrounded by Replicating Elis at the same time our Ambiguously Gay Duo is downstairs.

Parkman asks Replicator Eli if their buddy Samuel is here. How does Parkman know who Replicator Eli is, anyway? I'll have to chalk that up to either lack of continuity or something that happened in the comic books, which I don't read. Replicator Eli tells Parkman his friends downstairs are a problem, so that means he is, too. Downstairs, Replicator Eli gets to say the "love fest" line again. Parkman tries his brain mojo, but Replicator Eli tells him all but one of them are pretty "thoughtless." Actually, I think they all are.

Central Park. Samuel's camp has landed there, and he proselytizes to his people that tonight will be unlike any other, and they will be "king of the hill." He thinks normals should aspire to be like them, not the other way around. He pledges that tonight, once and for all, they'll pull back the curtain and reveal themselves for who they truly are. After tonight, they will be respected. Right, because freaks are so often respected in our society. Everyone cheers, except Edgar, who just looks on. We're not supposed to know how he feels yet, but I'll just tell you that, despite him fleeing from HRG and Lauren, he's still anti-Samuel. We pan out and see the city behind the little carnival stage. Commercials. I am strangely excited for The Celebrity Apprentice.

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