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Ice To See You

...and then, back at Building 26, that one guy who's allowed to talk gets a positive ID on Sylar and calls Danko over. We then pan right to another monitor, this one tracking Claire...

...who's just walking into the comic-book store. She asks the guy behind the counter if he's Alex, and I don't know if that's the case, but he is definitely a bespectacled Justin Baldoni, last seen by me as the rather hot Reid Bardem on Everwood. As Demian would say, woof. Anyway, Justin is in fact Alex, and he tells her they don't get a lot of girls in there. Lose the glasses and that'll change, guy. Claire urgently tells him he needs to get out of there, but he thinks she's playing a prank at the behest of his friend "Victor." "This is payback for the whole birthday thing, right?" No, but feel free to go on. Anyway, a different camera angle suggests there might be surveillance on them already, but Claire doesn't get anywhere until she picks up a utility knife (I think they have them to cut the plastic open without bending the comics) and slices a gash in her hand, which wipes the smile off Alex's face. As her skin heals in front of his eyes, she tells him he's in danger -- and it's worse than she knew, as the door jingles, and she sees Bennet enter. She's partially obscured and he's not looking her way yet, so she hisses, "Move. Now!!" She takes Alex's hand, and they run straight into the title card. Gotta watch out for that thing.

After Claire and Alex take cover by crouching low in one of the aisles, she informs him that there's a man who's in there looking for him that's very dangerous. He tells her he has a car out back, and just as Bennet is checking in with some dude in the back that Alex is in fact working, the two of them move for the front door. But Alex ends up running straight into Bennet, although Claire's stealthy enough not to get caught as well, and she observes as Bennet tells Alex he's from the County Clerk's office and he's got some outstanding parking violations, and could they maybe go talk outside? Claire, however, again shows her increasing skill at the cloak-and-dagger stuff by calling Bennet and feigning distress over their fight that morning, and while Bennet's attention is focused elsewhere, Alex suddenly throws one of the comic-book racks onto him and runs. Claire books it out the back way before Bennet gets his glasses on, and then Bennet chases after Alex, but does a quick mental calculation of Alex's age and rather obvious excellent physical condition, and decides to call this one in. Claire catches Alex at his car and the two of the hightail it out of there. Alex has a red Jeep convertible, which bodes ill for their hopes of staying out of sight, but I'd still prefer it to a station wagon.

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