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Ice To See You

Hiro and Ando have arrived at a wedding site in New Delhi, and Hiro is his typical irritatingly overenthusiastic self about the possibility of saving the bride depicted in Matt's drawing. Hiro goes to find out what time the wedding starts, which is a great way not to draw attention to yourself, and when he's gone, Ando muses to himself, "Stop a wedding... makes no sense." You may not be familiar with the idiom, Ando, but around these parts we call that "preaching to the choir." However, Ando then sees a rather attractive woman nearby in a beautiful sari that looks much like the one from the drawing, and suddenly the whole mission starts to add up. He follows her into a tent...

...inside which he introduces himself, noting that she's crying. She introduces herself as "Annapurna," (oh, show) and admits that she's sad, and he counsels her to call off the wedding. I'm sure this is meant to be, but the wedding planner's still going to have his head on a stick. Annapurna, in wonder, says she's been lost and begging the heavens for a sign about her marriage, and Ando runs with that by sparking up his hands just as Hiro appears and schoolmarmishly asks what he's doing. Ando, however, doesn't hear him, as he's focused on Anna's joyous declaration that Ando is the sign, the one she's been waiting for. Hiro tries to babble that he's the sign, but he might as well be selling time-shares for all the attention he's getting.

Back at Building 26, Danko asks Nathan if they've gotten any response from the White House, but Nathan is focused on the fact that Moira Kelly is looking at the photos on the bulletin board. I don't have much of a reaction to this development, but if Chad Michael Murray shows up the episode will get an automatic F. Fair warning. She turns and shakes hands with Nathan, introducing herself as "Abby Collins" from Homeland Security and briskly informing Nathan that the President has transferred oversight of the operation to DHS. Danko bitches about bureaucrats, but Nathan smoothly starts to lead her on a tour as he says the funding increase he's asked for is to strengthen the holding facility so they can deal with the prisoners. Always good to have a plan! Anyway, it doesn't take long for Nathan to realize that Abby doesn't believe the whole mutant powers thing, but realizing that levitating would ultimately be too damaging to him even factoring in the look on her face, he settles for asking who put her on the case. As Danko watches from a distance, she tells Nathan that people close to the President are concerned about his exposure to the project. The project that no one knows about, that is. Things go from bad to worse when he lets it slip that he has a prisoner on the premises, and she demands to see her immediately.

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