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Ice To See You

The Gayest Station Wagon In The Country pulls into a roadside diner's parking lot, and after Luke babbles some more, Sylar gets off a good one: "Luke. You really gotta stop trying to be my friend, or I'm gonna have to kill you." Luke then spins a yarn about how Sylar's dad likes birds, and they used to go bird-watching together, and when Luke mentions a wagon Sylar's dad had, Sylar suddenly recalls, "He used to pull me in that wagon." Ick. Sylar wistfully recalls some more Daddy Issue Details that you couldn't pay me enough to recap, and Luke momentarily gets on my good side by pissing all over this nauseating reminiscence: "He sold you for money, you know." Nice. Sylar knows full well this is true, so he asks why he would even tell Luke that, and Luke speculates that maybe he reminded him of Sylar. Ugh, so Sylar's the Kelly Taylor and Luke's the Tara Marks of this equation. No wonder I hate this storyline so much.

Abby and Nathan enter the room in which Tracy is being held prisoner, sitting in a chair with her wrists chained, and Abby's horrified. Nathan thinks her reaction is because of the use of extreme heat in the room to counter Tracy's freezing power, but it's actually because Abby knows Tracy from her lobbying days. Tracy seizes her opening and begs Abby to do something, and Abby, in no uncertain terms, tells Nathan that she's shutting the operation down that very day, and on top of that, she's going to file human-rights violations against Nathan with the Attorney General. "This is torture. You're through." Abby's new around here, obviously. Tracy yells Abby's name, but she's already ridden her wave of righteous indignation out the door.

Alex and Claire pull in somewhere, and Alex can't believe that the government is just locking people up. Claire asks if he has a power, and after a long moment, Alex confesses he can breathe underwater. If they purposely gave him a power that's eventually going to lead to him taking his shirt off, not only do I appreciate it but I think the writers have gotten smarter. He goes on that he never told anyone, and he didn't know there were others. If that's true, I wonder how they found out about him. He confesses that he always felt..."like a freak?" Claire supplies with a conspiratorial smile. She then gets serious again and instructs him not to go home or to use his credit cards or cell phone. He quite reasonably asks what he's going to do, and she tells him they'll figure it out, but her attention is distracted by a car passing behind them, which she observes via the side mirror. She says it's the second time that particular vehicle has passed, and asks if the car is registered under Alex's name. The look on his face is all the answer she needs, and they get out and run. (That doesn't completely explain how Bennet tracked them down, but I'm guessing the traffic cameras came into play again.) No sooner have they taken cover around the corner than a couple cars pull up (I suppose Bennet was waiting for backup before he tried again to take Alex) and some agents get out, one of them noting the car's still warm. Claire gets in a quick "I told you so" but the two of them don't wait around to see anything more.

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